Stunning Flying Eye Picture Books – Simona Cicaolo & Katja Spitzer

I was recently very lucky to receive this parcel of loveliness from Flying Eye books and it contained two very beautiful but different Picture Books. ‘Whatever Happened to My Sister’ by Simona Cicaolo and ‘Let’s Go Outside’ by Katja Spitzer.

pb1     pb20


I found ‘Whatever Happened to My Sister’ particulary poignant as I have two daughters who are growing up and having very different interests. It tells the tale of the relationship between two sisters who are growing apart as they are growing up and explores the impact these changes have on them both.

It opens with the youngest sister thinking that something very strange is happening with her older sister and thinks ‘that someone had replaced my sister with a girl who looked a lot like her.’

pb19    pb18

She gets increasingly confused as her big sister always seems cross with her and not wanting to play with her, which she can’t understand.

pb15   pb14

Whatever she tries, she can’t work out what has happened to her sister, she knows that her Mum and Dad know something but nobody tells her what is going on.

pb10   pb9

She really misses her sister and remembers all the fun they had together and feels increasingly sad about not spending any time with her. But then her big sister finds her crying and realises what has happened and she takes time to spend with her sharing her new interests and making her feel inlcuded again.

pb12   pb11

This book is a joy to share, it’s beautifully illustrated and the colours reflect the mood of the story changing from muted shades to more brighter colours as the story concludes. I feel it is a perfect book to help explain changes in older through this moving and simple story.

‘Let’s Go Outside’ immediately reminded me of the books that I had  read as a child. It has a lovely vintage feel to it yet still manages to be modern at the sane time.


The illustrations are colourful and  striking in a way that will enagage a younger reader. It is perfect to use as an introduction to early word and story building with plenty of opportunities to look at different things we see every day. Every page in this book is truly beautiful and a delight to behold. This book is bound to become a treasured timeless classic.

pb6   pb7

pb4   pb3



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