My Brother is a Superhero – David Solomons

I decided to buy a copy of My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons  for our school library after hearing lots of great feedback about it on Twitter. The first thing that caught me eye in the book shop was the simply stunning cover which has amazing artwork by Laura Ellen Anderson and bold typography by Rob Biddulph. It would be difficult to resist picking up and reading,  which you really need to do.

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The story opens up with two brothers, Luke who is a Superhero obsessive and Zack who is a bit of a maths geek. Fate takes a turn in events when Luke needs to go for a wee and by the time he comes back  his brother Zack has superpowers and been given a mission to save two universes from the unknown  ‘Nemesis’. The fact that Luke misses out on his Superhero destiny because of a badly timed bladder is a hilarious premise which will definitely peak your interest.


Unfortunately for Zack he has no concept about what being a Superhero entails as  he’s never read a comic in his life. It’s up to his brother Luke to show him the Superhero way and so between them Star Lad is born. Star Lad’s powers are soon tested when he saves a runaway bus from possible tragedy and so he becomes known to the world.

It seems that the only thing which will interfere with Zack fulfilling his mission is his maths homework but then it goes horribly wrong when he gets kidnapped. It’s then up to Luke to find out what Nemesis is and rescue his brother  and save the world, so ironically he ends up on this mission . He has help in the form of his friends Serge and Lara his feisty neighbour who is trying to expose the true identify of Star Lad for a scoop for the school newspaper. We have all the great ingredients for a great story a  Superhero in jeopardy, a jealous brother, reliable sidekicks and a fiendish villain. The story keeps you hooked right to the end waiting to see if our intrepid trio can save the planet from Nemesis.

I really enjoyed all the Star Wars references throughout the book they really made me laugh. We learn that Luke is named after Luke Skywalker and had a jedi babygro  as a baby. One of the funniest conversation that takes place is when Luke ‘s Dad  reveals a shocking secret that his favourite character in Star Wars is Darth Vader and Luke can’t comprehend why he has chosen the villain. It rocks Luke’s foundations and makes him consider a future where maybe one day he might be tempted by the dark side,

The ending of the book hints to the possibility that this is to be continued which would be fantastic as I would love to see more of these characters. If you like comics, superheroes and battles between good and evil this is definitely the book for you.

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