Completely Irresistible – Completely Cassidy Tamsyn Murray


Completely Cassidy -Tamsyn Murray. Illustrations by Antonia Miller.

I had heard fantastic reviews about this book and I was eager to get my hands on it, even hiding it from my 9 year old daughter so i could read it first. The story opens with Cassidy worrying about starting secondary school and hoping that she receives her letter from Hogwarts before the ‘DD-Day  (Doom and Desperation Day)’ arrives. She’s thinks it’s going to be a disaster as she’s been given this totally weird name Cassidy and she’s being forced to wear her brother’s old stinky blazer which is way too big for her. If that’s not bad enough, her Mum is pregnant with twins, her Dad is an Elvis impersonator  and her brother wants her to pretend she’s adopted! Her life is a total embarrassment and surely it can only get worse.

A mix up at school means that Cassidy is mistakenly identified as ‘gifted and talented’ and is soon enrolled on to the school quiz team with the ‘coolest boy in Year 7’. She tries really hard to impress him which is quite difficult when her dog shows him her  knickers with fairies on and she has a home dye disaster which turns her hair green. I love that Cassidy is a little bit hopeless and different it helps to reassure tweens that it’s absolutely fine to be yourself.

I really enjoyed that the book includes lists, letters and diary excerpts from Cassidy, they really help you gain an insight into who she is and make you feel like you really get to know her. It deals with friendship problems, first crushes and family life all of the things that any young reader will be able to understand. Cassidy is such a likeable character that I really didn’t want to put this down and could have easily read in one sitting but unfortunately I did have to go to bed 175 pages in. I have now given my copy to my daughter as I know she will love it too.

If you want a highly enjoyable read for a child 9+ then I would definitely recommend this book to you. A big thank you to Toppsta for my copy of this book which I won in a Facebook Competition.

There is more to come from Cassidy with another book ‘Star Reporter’ now available and a third book due in January. I have already ordered myself a copy as I can’t wait to find out what happens to Cassidy next.


Tamsyn also has a fantastic ‘Completely Cassidy ‘ website:

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