A Swashbuckling Adventure – The Great Cheese Robbery Chris Mould

pocket pirates

If you love pirates, adventures, daring and teeny tiny people then Chris Mould’s new series the ‘Pocket Pirates’ is just for you. I won the first in the series ‘The Great Cheese Robbery’ in a competition and Chris was kind enough to send it to me in a magnificent illustrated envelope with a superb dedication to the children at the school.


Our Pocket Pirates live inside a ship in a bottle, in a old junk shop and when nobody is watching they come out and explore. When you are ‘smaller than a teacup’ the world (or in this case the junk shop) is a very dangerous place. We are introduced to The Old Junk Shop and our crew Captain Crabsticks, Old Uncle Noggin, Button and Lily  by some sublime illustrations from Chris Mould.

11938837_10153624103959343_350468984_n    11934054_10153624104369343_468661247_n

Things get very tricky for our fearsome crew when the skirting-board mice kidnap James, the ship’s cat and demand a large chunk of cheese as ransom payment.  But the only way they can get cheese is to undertake a perilous journey to the place where it’s always winter ‘THE PLACE CALLED FRIDGE’. Our brave adventurers have to endeavour danger, hardship and use their cunning to ensure they have a successful mission. Will they manage to reach their destination safely and be able to resuce  James from those roguish mice, you will have to wait and see?

What I really enjoyed the most about this book is the attention to tiny details which fill the book, so much so you feel that the creator Chris Mould must have shrunk to a teeny size himself to be able to have captured this so accurately. I have heard tales that Chris Mould can shrink himself like old Mrs Pepperpot and grow back again before people find out. As this time I cannot substantiate these claims but it does explain why the story is told so perfectly. I love the cotton reels Button sits on, the old mustard pot they take baths in, and the pot of coffee cream they keep for special occasions.

Another reason this book is such a joy is Chris Mould’s illustrations throughout, perfect for newly confident or reluctant readers there is plenty to keep them amused and engaged. My favourite is the map at the back of the book which allows the reader to visualise just how far our intrepid crew have to go on their adventures.

11938981_10153624103284343_583197917_n   11924606_10153624105189343_794930675_o

I’m pleased to say that there is more to come from our Pocket Pirate Crew with the release of ‘The Great Drain Escape’ in Spring 2016. This book is such a delight and joy and I’m so pleased to be sharing it with you.


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