What a Grrrrreat Book – Grrrrr Rob Biddulph


‘Grrrrr’ is the second picture book the award winning  Rob Biddulph and just like the first book I’ve been ‘Blown Away’ (apologies for the pun) by this one as well.

It tells the tale of Fred the Bear who has won the Best Bear in the Wood contest for three years in a row and he has a legendary Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!But this contest winning doesn’t leave much time for friends but:

‘Who needs Jemimas,

or Davids or Sophies?

My friends are my prizes,

my medals, my trophies.’

11897208_10153624287549343_816619511_n  11938118_10153624287389343_1590798325_n

Unknown to Fred a new bear in town Boris sneaks into his cave in the middle of the night, but what mischief is he up to? Disaster strikes on the morning of the contest Fred wakes up and finds out he has lost his roar. But Eugene the owl enlists his friends and offers to help Fred find his growl.

11922057_10153624286799343_47376314_n  11933078_10153624287364343_582546582_n

What will happen to Fred if he can’t find his Grrrrr will Boris manage to steal his crown? Will his new friends save the day? And why does Boris wear a sweater? To find out the answer and more then you will need to read it yourself to find out!

11925935_10153624287069343_1036834289_n  11944747_10153624286739343_262328858_n

Just like Rob Biddulph’s first book ‘Blown Away’, ‘Grrrrr’ is a perfect read aloud story and a must for storytime. The rhyming words flow beautifully, the illustrations are vibrant and it truly is a fantastic book. At the heart of the story we discover that everyone needs friends in their life, being a success is simply not enough. This would be a delightful addition to any child’s picture book collection and perfect for sharing.

On a final note, I was also delighted to see Penguin Blue and Wilbur from ‘Blown Away’ make an appearance as Fred’s cuddly toys which was a lovely touch.

A big thank you to HCUK International for my signed copy of the book which I won in a Twitter competition, it will be going to a good home in my school library.

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