At last a Plumdog Picture Book – Love is My Favourite Thing – Emma Chichester Clark


I was so excited to hear that the lovely and talented Emma Chichester Clark was bringing out a picture book about Plumdog.  Emma has been blogging about the real life adventures of her dog Plumdog since 2012, she even has her very own website.

I’m a huge fan of Plumdog who is a “whoosell” a whippet, Jack Russell and poodle cross and is always getting into mischief. So how much do I love Plumdog?  Let me count the ways!

Firstly there are so many things she loves her bear, her bed, her treats, the park and her friends.   She loves her Mummy and Daddy Emma and Rupert” In fact you could even say ‘LOVE is her most favourite thing.’



However the problem with loving things so much, is that sometimes it gets you into really big trouble. I love that although Plum knows she shouldn’t do something she has this irresistible urge to do it anyway she just can’t help herself.

She jumps in the pond because she loves water so much even though Emma tell her not to. Water is another one of her most favourite things!


She manages to ruin one of Emma’s favourite cushions because she wants to play one of her favourite games.


And when she sees a small child eating ice-cream which she really loves, she just can’t help running off with it when it gets dropped.


Unfortunately for Plumdog although she really can’t help it she often finds herself in VERY, BIG, TROUBLE! We then  find her all alone in the dark feeling very sorry for herself:

‘My whole world was black. I stared at the darkness. I knew they wouldn’t love me anymore.’

However because Plumdog is so adorable her Mummy and Daddy can’t stay too cross with her for very long.


This is a truly delightful tale which will have such a wide appeal to so many children, both my girls who are 9 and 6 adore this book. What makes this book so irresistible is the stunning illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark which are so rich and full of detail that  you feel like you’re stepping inside this story. I think it is a perfect book for sharing and helping younger children understand that even if they do sometimes get up to mischief and get told off they will still be loved. I’m not sure that it is possible for any child (or adult) not to totally fall in love with Plumdog by the end of the story.

Hopefully we will have further adventures to come from this delightful dog.


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