A Pugtastic Adventure – Pugs of the Frozen North Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre


The ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’ is  another terrific tale from the incredibly talented Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. Our intrepid duo have already brought us two fantastic adventures with ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ and ‘Cakes in Space’ and this book is as equally brilliant.

Our story begins when a deep winter appears overnight and Captain Jeggings and his crew suddenly find themselves trapped in a sea of ice and have to abandon ship. Shen, the cabin boy is left behind all alone, well apart from having 66 pugs for company.



Shen sets off to find the rest of the crew and stumbles upon a town Snowdovia and a girl called Sika  who persuades him and the pugs to take part in ‘The Great Northern Race’. Sika wants to win the race so she can meet the Snowfather and make her one wish come true to make her Grandpa well again.

The line up of the race participants, resembles the cast of the Wacky Races. We have the dastardly Sir Basil Sprout-Dumpling, the glamourous Mitzi Von Primm, the scientific Professor Shackleton Jones and the nature loving Helga Hammerfest. As the starting pistol is fired it looks like Shen and Sika will  be the underdogs as they set off on their arctic mission.


11994464_10153663994899343_1603468128_n (1)

As they journey north through they encounter lots of strange and magical beings including the octopus like Kraken, greedy trolls and noodle loving Yetis. Despite the best efforts of the conniving Sir Basil and lots of hazards that get in their way Shen and Sika finally reach their destination the icicle palace of the Snowfather. But will they manage to have a happy ending and have their wishes come true, you will have to read to find out more!



This book is a sheer delight and is a truly brilliant collaboration between Philip and Sarah. The illustrations are sublime, expressing perfectly the personalities of all our characters. It is full of humour, charm, heart and tension as we journey along with our fearless and generous duo. It is also packed full of fabulous details such as the fifty different types of snow which are an intrinsic part of a ‘True WInter’, which made it a total joy to read. I found myself so caught up in this exciting adventure that I really didn’t want it to come to an end. I really recommend that you join them on their adventures as I know you will truly have the ride of your life.

To find out more about how Philip and Sarah created this magical story you can follow the link below:


If you would like to learn how to draw pugs like Sarah McIntyre you can follow this :link:


My girls recently gave it a go when making a pugtastic birthday message for Sarah on her birthday, I think they did a fab job so why not give it a try!


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