A Fun Filled Adventure Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption- Jose Domingo


Pablo and Jane by José Domingo is a wondrous thing to behold. Not only is it sublimely illustrated but it’s jam packed full of excitement and wonder and lots of things to keep a child thoroughly entertained.

Our adventure starts at Pablo and Jane’s house, where a bored Jane manages to convince a reluctant  Pablo to go exploring to ‘The Old House on the Hill’. There are rumours that it is filled with monsters and there is a strange green glow coming from the garden and nobody dares to go there but that doesn’t deter Jane.



The house is as dark and terrifying as everyone has  imagined and they find themselves lured to a secret lab by a rat where they find a mysterious machine, but what is it? Could it be a time machine, a teleporter or a spaceship they soon find out when they encounter the evil cat Dr Felinibus. Pablo and Jane find themselves unwittingly trapped aboard and  transported ‘INTO THE MONSTER DIMENSION’ aboard the hot air contraption.


They find themselves trapped in the monster dimension as Dr Felinbus has sabotaged the components. The only way they can escape is to find the missing parts of the machine and capture that fiendish cat. We then find ourselves racing through different countries in the Monster Dimension in pursuit of the cat and trying to desperately spot what they need so  that they can get back home. From ‘Lopsided London’, ‘Monstrous Moscow’ and ‘Ageless Athens’ we search high and low trying to spot what they need. On the way they encounter trolls,vampires, skeletons and monsters who try to stop them from succeeding in their quest.



But will our intrepid duo be able to save the day or will they be foiled by the conniving Dr Felinibus in their mission? You will have to read it yourself to find out!


I absolutely loved this book there is so much going on to keep a child entertained. The story is funny, thrilling and whizzes along at such a fast pace it keeps you wanting more. Having a combination of a story and things to do and spot  is such a great idea for reluctant readers as there is so much to do you could never – unlike Pablo and Jane – be bored! It is quite spooky and the illustrations mildly scary so is definitely more suitable for older children

Enjoy this fabulous trailer for the book which gives you a real feel for the terrifying adventure you will be going on.

2 thoughts on “A Fun Filled Adventure Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption- Jose Domingo

  1. Lindsay Littleson

    Dear Jo, I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a review of my children’s novel ‘The Mixed Up Summer of Lily McLean’. It won the Kelpies Prize and was published in April 2015.

    Best wishes Lindsay

    Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 09:15:06 +0000 To: lindsay-1@hotmail.co.uk


    1. bookloverjo Post author

      Hi Lindsay thanks for visiting my blog. I’m happy to receive a copy to review but it may be some weeks before I can get to review as I have a huge review pile at the moment. Many thanks Jo



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