Monstrous Mayhem – There’s A Monster In My Fridge Caryl Hart & Deborah Allwright



‘There’s A Monster In My Fridge’ (title must be read aloud with peril in your voice) by Caryl Hart with illustrations by Deborah Allwright is a perfect spooky read just in time for Halloween. You know you’re in for a treat when the front and back cover alone are packed with fantastic details such as a shopping list on the fridge:

Baked Brains

Hairball Soup

Fish’s Fingers

Monster Mash

Unfortunately, the rest of the list is missing as one of the monsters is greedily munching on it.

As you open the book the scene is set with the fiendish purple endpapers covered in cobwebs creating an eerie atmosphere and helping to build tension with the reader. We then see a spoookkkyyy castle in the distance with a sign saying ‘KEEP OUT’ and we wonder what on earth could possibly lie ahead if we dare continue on our journey!

We reach the castle, enter the kitchen to see monstrous mayhem everywhere, with monsters riding whisks, cooking themselves in a large pot and sitting in the scales could it possibly get any worse!  Oh no  wait what’s that hiding behind the fridge door???? Dare we open the page and see……..



Aaarrrggghhh it’s  a monster eating raspberry Jelly!!!!

We then tiptoe up the stairs and hear splashing and laughing from the bathroom. Peeping round the door we  see two shadowy figures behind the shower curtain eeeekkk, are we feeling brave enough to have a peek???



It’s scaaarrryyy skeletons making a big splash!!!

We wander into the bedroom and see monsters and ghosts trying to wake up something who has sharp fangs and a hairy back. Don’t wake it up, don’t lift the sheet! Oh no it’s too late!!!!



Waaaaaahhhh it’s a werewolf scratching his behind, ruuuuunnnnnn!!!

This is such a superb book perfect for sharing with younger readers, although both my girls were thoroughly entertained by it and they’re 6 and 9. I shared this book at Storytime at school and in the library and got such a great response from the children. It is wonderfully interactive having the split pages you can build up the children’s excitement when reading it and they loved guessing what might be behind the pages and were desperate for the reveal. When I asked them what they enjoyed about the book they said the ‘monsters’ and it was ‘spooky’, ‘scary’ and ‘very funny’. The last page of the book which I won’t reveal had them shrieking and laughing in delight.

Deborah Allwright’s gorgeous illustrations perfectly accompany the story and every page is full of exquisite detail such as toothpaste fighting In the bathroom and eyeballs in the cotton wool jar. There’s so much going on in the book that every time you read it you discover more mayhem in every crook and cranny. I absolutely adore this book and will be adding it to my favourite spooky picture book collection.

Thank you to Caryl Hart for sending me a copy of this lovely book to review it has been a pleasure.

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