A Penguin, a minion, a squid and some unicorns – Evil Emperor Penguin Laura Ellen Anderson





The Evil Emperor Penguin is Laura Ellen Anderson’s first graphic novel and I can confirm that it’s totally genius. You know it’s going to be brilliant just by reading the back cover:

‘Far away in the icy wastes of Antarctica lives a warm and cuddly, kind-hearted penguin who only wants to do good in the world……………..NOT!’

As the cast of the novel assemble in EEP’s Evil Underground Headquarters we meet the Evil Emperor Penguin, his minion Eugene the Abominable Snowman Clone and Number 8 his Squid (It’s Octopus Sir!). Their mission is world domination through a series of dastardly plans which seemingly get thwarted much to my daughter’s disappointment.

Evil Emperor Penguin is stuffed full of mind boggling inventions, hilarious catastrophes and magical creatures. It’s really difficult for me to choose my favourite parts to share with you but I’m going to try.

In ‘Cat-Astrophe’ Number 8 brings a cat into a lair who seriously creeps out EEP by stalking him and no matter what happens he won’t go away. Then matters take a turn for a worse when the seemingly cute cat starts talking to EEP and it turns out he’s actually trying to take over the world himself with his brilliant, evil moustache. It looks like EEP may have met his match in his new arch-nemesis ‘Evil Cat’.


In the ‘The Truce: Part 1 and Part 2’ we see the Evil Cat send a deadly plant to EEP pretending to be a truce and he tries to get rid of it but unknown to him Number 8 decides to adopt it not realising what it truly is. There is a scene in the Kitchen of Evil where EEP and Eugene are hiding from the monster plant and trying to stay very still and quiet so they’re not found which just reminds me of Jurasssic Park and it really made me chuckle.


One of my girls favourite characters is Keith the Unicorn who can project rainbow blasts out of his bottom. He first appears in ‘World Wide Web’ when Eugene accidentally hits the ‘BIG RED EVIL BUTTON’ which he has been warned not to touch by EEP, which causes Evil Cat to become involved  ‘in the cutest nightmare ever…’ I love the fact the unicorn looks very cute and girly but is in fact totally fearsome. He plays a crucial role in the fight against Evil Cat in ‘The Return’ when he befriends Eugene and gets caught up in the fight for world domination between our two enemies.


I absolutely loved Evil Emperor Penguin and both my girls picked it up and didn’t put it down until they had read it cover to cover. It was such a joy to read and I’m hoping we have more to come in this series from the very talented Laura Ellen Anderson.

If you want to find out how you can draw your very own Evil Emperor Penguin then follow the link below and find out more:


Here is our very own Evil Emperor Penguin!


I won a copy of Evil Emperor Penguin in a Phoenix Comics  competition, so a big thank you to them for my prize.




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