There’s ‘NO SUCH THING’ as ghosts – Ella Bailey


‘No Such Thing’ by Ella Bailey is a perfect Halloween treat to share with children. It tells the tale of Georgia who – as the days draw into a cool October –  notices weird and strange things happening around the house. But there is no fooling Georgia that just because these occurrences are happening at this very spooky time of  the year that ghosts could possibly be to blame! Because everyone including Georgia knows there’s no such thing as ghosts!!

When food disappears from the fridge, a vase gets smashed and her crayons get stolen the dog, the cat and her brother all get the blame.



Shadows and strange noises late at night could also be explained away by Georgia it was the fault of moths and other creatures there is no way it could be ghosts. Could it??



This story managed to bring sheer delight to my girls when I was sharing it with them. I was playing the role of Georgia adamantly insisting that there really was no such thing as ghosts, whilst they were pointing out the hidden ghosts on every page. Despite them showing them to me I pretended to be oblivious and said ‘I can’t see any ghosts’ which caused much hilarity amongst them.

The illustrations in this book are bold yet beautiful and a very autumnal palette of oranges, greens and yellow is used throughout, which contrasts perfectly with the black used for Georgia. There is so much detail on every page which is glorious and enchanting as we peer through the pages searching for hidden ghosts.  Ella Bailey manages to create a truly enchanting and spooky world for us to get lost in.

A big thank you to Flying Eye Books for sending me this gorgeous book to review. You can buy a copy from Flying Eye’s website:

No Such Thing

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