A must have for pony fans – Katy’s Pony Challenge Victoria Eveleigh

Katy pony

In my school library I have a legion of pony fans who are always on the lookout for new stories and information books on their favourite subject. Therefore I was pleased to discover the Katy’s Ponies series by Victoria Eveleigh and ‘Katy’s Pony Challenge’ is the fourth in this delightful series.

Katy lives on a very busy working farm and is trying to manage looking after Jacko, Trifle and a new foal Tinkerbell. We see how Katy struggles with taming Tinkerbell and her reluctance to ask for help despite feeling out of depth. Her friend Alice seems to lead an enviable lifestyle with a champion show jumping pony but for her things too are not what they seem. When a young autistic boy visits the farm and makes a connection with Katy’s horse Trifle she finds herself frustrated and jealous but soon realises the importance of friendship and trust for them both. Katy then discovers a new sport called horse agility and realises this could be the very thing to help them all face their fears and sort out their problems.

Whilst reading this book you feel like you are gaining a real insight into Exmoor and its beauty as well as understanding how harsh the environment can be. It doesn’t give an idealised vision of growing up on a farm  which helps draw you in to the story as it feel so authentic. The book is beautifully descriptive which makes it a joy to read and  the characters are interesting but believable. It will fill you with happiness especially as you watch the bond between James and Trifle grow.

The love for horses shines through this book and the relationship between Katy and her ponies is very special but it is also a very realistic portrayal of the realities of owning a horse. However this is more than just a story about horses it explores friendship, trust and the importance of honesty. We see our characters having to make brave decisions and stand up for what they believe in despite knowing it will be unpopular. Katy is like any other teenager trying to balance school, friends and her passion and any reader will be able to empathise with her. It is a thoroughly enjoyable story and I already know who I will be recommending it to when I return to school.

Thank you to Victoria Eveleigh for sending me a copy of this book to review.

To find out more about Victoria Eveleigh and the other horse stories that she has written, you can visit her website:


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