The Storm Leopards – Holly Webb


‘The Storm Leopards’ by Holly Webb is a perfect wintery read. I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous cover by Simon Mendez which is so inviting it’s almost impossible to resist opening and experiencing this delightful animal adventure. My daughter is a huge Holly Webb fan and I was only allowed to read it after she had whizzed through it and she urged me to review this as she was totally enchanted by the story.

We meet Isabelle who has just moved with her family far away and is struggling to feel Christmassy having to start a new school and she desperately misses her friends. When a visit to the zoo is organised to cheer her up a  chance glimpse of a snow leopard, inspires her to find out more about these beautiful endangered creatures and their habitat in Mongolia. She finds herself wondering what it must be like to live among the snow leopards not realising that her wish to know more is about to come true.

I loved that this story totally captures your imagination and you become caught up in Isabelle’s adventure whilst unknowingly you are learning all about the importance of conservation and a different culture. It provided a fascinating insight into the lives of the Mongolian people which is  really interesting and engaging for the reader.  The gorgeous illustrations by Jo from Artful Doodlers enhance this tale and is perfect to help younger readers imagine and understand this world. It is the perfect tale to read whilst wrapped up in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate and allowing yourself to become totally absorbed by this lovely book.

To find out more about the conservation work by charities to protect snow leopards why not visit:

Thank you to Stripes Publishing for sending me this book to review.

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