Fabulous Fact Books from Red Shed – National Non-Fiction Month

I am so excited to share with you two gorgeous non-fiction books which are guaranteed to keep children entertained and informed. ‘ The Adventures of Water’ and ‘100 Facts Around Town’  both explore facts in an engaging and interactive way. They allow the reader to learn lots of interesting information whilst exploring these books and get  lost in their glorious illustrations.

The Adventures of Water


‘The Adventures of Water’ by Malcom Rose and Sean Sims takes you on a journey of discovery about where water comes from and why we need it. Helping a child to drip, drop and splash their way through the water cycle they will be desperate to share with you all these fun facts. When my daughters read it there were lots of conversations that started with, ‘Mummy did you know……’. It opens with the astounding fact that there is enough water in the world to fill 550 million million Olympic-size swimming pools which truly makes your mind boggle.


The impact of water in our lives is explained on each page and the interactive format of allowing the child  to open flaps, pull tabs, turn wheels and open pop-ups puts them at the heart of the learning offers a real hands on approach.

We see how water goes ‘into the body and out again’. My girls found this page hilarious and gruesome at the same time and it was the starting point for lots of interesting conversations in our house.


It also looks at how water makes its journey from the ‘Sky to Earth’ and provides answers to those questions which children often ask but I honestly struggle to answer without resulting to the internet, such as ‘Why are rain clouds dark?’


There was a real sense of wow and enjoyment when we shared this book from the sublime pop-ups which are beautifully crafted, to the real wealth of information we learned. It offers a really fascinating insight into the world of water presented in a truly stunning format.

100 Facts Around Town


‘100 Facts Around Town’ by Clive Gifford and Brendan Kearney is the first in a new series that will make children see their world in a different way. With pages devoted to different areas of urban life you will find lots of fascinating, funny and downright bizarre behind-the scenes facts.



 Did you know that:

there are 6 million skeletons buried in tunnels beneath the city of Paris? Creepy!

the most people to have ridden a motorbike at one time is 54? Impressive!

the world’s fastest lift travels 80 floors in just 37 seconds? Stomach-churning!

As you pour over the incredibly detailed and vibrant illustrations you can open the flaps to discover hidden histories, gob-smacking records and inspiring inventions. Each of the scenes is full of day to day life of people scurrying here and there which provides endless opportunities for discussion. There is also a ‘can you spo’t feature on every page which my girls loved. They have a slight obsession for  finding things hidden in books and this just made the whole experience more enjoyable.



It is a brilliant tool for unlocking children’s imaginations so they can take a look at their own surroundings to try and find out what hidden secrets or weird and wonderful things are happening all around them every day. The next book in the series ‘100 Facts on Holiday’ is due to be published in Summer 2016 which is bound to keep children amused over the long summer holidays.

A big thank you to Egmont Publishing for sending me these gorgeous fact books from Red Shed to review they have provided hours of interaction and enjoyment for both my girls.

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