Feeling Festive – A Letter For Bear David Lucas


‘A Letter For Bear’ by David Lucas is another gem from Flying Eye Books. It is the perfect tale to get you in the mood for the festive season. From the moment you open the book you are transported to a winter wonderland of deep snow, icy blue skies and falling snowflakes. It makes you want to wrap yourself up in an blanket and snuggle with your loved ones to enjoy this beautiful tale.

Bear is the postman who delivers the mail every day but lives a lonely existence. Nobody seems to notice him and he returns at the end of each day to his cave wondering what it would be like to receive an actual letter himself.


However one fateful day a gust of wind blows all of his letters into the air and all the addresses get smudged meaning Bear has to knock on all the doors so he can deliver the mail. He soon meets all the creatures who live there but seeing all the families together makes Bear feel even more lonely.


He trudges back to his empty cave feeling sadder than ever before. Suddenly Bear has a really good idea, he should have a Christmas party and invite everyone then perhaps he won’t feel so lonely. After writing a ‘snowstorm’ of letters Bear starts to plan his party. He decorates his cave and sits and waits patiently hoping that someone will come along.


This is such a heart warming festive tale which is beautifully told and magically illustrated. It is a gentle reminder to children when you are struggling to get them to write their Christmas cards and thank you letters, the sheer joy that you can get from opening a letter. I love the attention to details on every page and there is so much for a child to look at and enjoy. The colours throughout the tale manage to perfectly capture the mood from icy blue at the beginning, to gradually warming up with pinks, reds and oranges as Bear opens himself up to the possibility of friendship.

One of my favourite pages is in the endpapers which highlights all the different wintery creatures in the forest who Bear meets on his travels. It is details like this which make this book a thing of beauty which you will want to own.


A big thank you to Flying Eye Books for sending me a copy of this gorgeous book to review.

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