Nixie Wonky Winter Wonderland – Cas Lester & Ali Pye


‘Nixie Wonky Winter Wonderland’ by Cas Lester with illustrations by Ali Pye is a glorious wintery read. It is the second in the series about Nixie the bad, bad fairy. I really love highly illustrated books and this is no exception you cannot fail to be enchanted by the endearingly naughty Nixie who just wants to have fun. With her clompy boots, holey tights and a wonky wand you know that Nixie is not going to be like any other fairy you will have met before.


In ‘Wonky Winter Wonderland’ Nixie wakes up one morning to find she is surrounded by snow. The Winter Fairies have been busy scattering frost on houses, hanging icicles on trees and covering the whole of Fairyland in a deep blanket of snow. It is the day of the Midwinter Midnight Feast and Nixie must collect holly berries for the Fairy Godmother but all she can think of is sledging, skating and most importantly and snowball fights. She knows that everyone one is busy getting ready for the party but surely nobody can resist a SNOWBALL BATTLE.


Throughout the story we keep finding Nixie getting herself into lots of trouble partly due to her wonky wand but a lot to do with her mischievous personality. She does try hard not to be tempted but sometimes these things do happen by accident (ally-on-purpose) and her least favourite fairy Adorabella always seems to be there to witness or be subjected to  her mishaps. Known as ‘Adora-smella’  she is annoyingly perfect and is constantly trying to get Nixie into trouble with the Fairy Godmother Tabitha Quicksilver. With Nixie forever getting herself into scrapes nobody trust her to do the right thing. But when she finds out her friend Fidget is in trouble she is determined to prove that she can be a useful fairy even is she’s not sure just how she will be able to do it!


Ali Pye captures the spirit of Nixie and this winter wonderland fantastically in her sublime illustrations, which truly are a joy to look at. The book is a total delight to read with each page covered in magic and snowflakes which gives the book a real wintery feel. It makes you want to curl up on the sofa and read it with a steaming mug of hot chocolate covered in marshmallows. It is a delightful story full of fun, mischief and a sense of humour which will massively appeal to children.

At the end of the book it also includes cooking and craft activities perfect to do over the winter holidays From snow covered gingerbread trees to swirly snowstorms in a bottle I can imagine my girls loving  making these.


Thank you to Oxford University Press for sending me this book to review I look forward to more mischief from Nixie in ‘Splashy, Summer, Swim’ due for release next summer.

Cas Lester has just added this lovely craft activities to her website snowflakes and fairy doors, follow the link to find out more:


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