A total festive delight – The Little Christmas Tree



‘The LIttle Christmas Tree’ is one of the most beautiful Christmas books I have ever seen , a book that turns into a Christmas tree has got to be a true festive delight. This gorgeous interactive pop-up has been created by Corina Fletcher and is a true interactive experience for children it comes  with press-out decorations so that they can decorate the tree themselves. It also has play pieces, including characters from the story so that children can re-enact the story something which both my girls really enjoy doing.



This heart-warming story is beautifully illustrated and told by Vicki Gausden and Rachel Elliot. It’s Christmas Eve and the village children have decorated all the trees in Emerald Wood with shiny baubles and little lanterns. But one tree has been forgotten! The woodland animals start to gather up decorations for their homes and spot the tree looking sad and bare so they decide to share their pine cones, berries and snowdrops to create the most beautiful tree in the forest.


Then who should appear but Father Christmas! He has some very special presents for all the animals in the forest for remembering that everyone deserves a truly magical Christmas. This book would make a perfect Christmas gift the cover is so sparkly and glittery the child is immediately enchanted, The illustrations are stunning and vivid and will capture a child’s imagination. I love that this story acts as a reminder to children about the importance of sharing and being kind to others.



A big thank you to Egmont for sending me this fantastic book to review it has been a true festive highlight.

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