Socks for Santa – Adam & Charlotte Guillain Lee Wildish


‘Socks For Santa’ by Adam & Charlotte Guillain is the fifth book in the ‘George’s Amazing Adventure’ series and this time we are treated to a lovely Christmas tale. We follow George as he embarks on an expedition to the North Pole as he has decided to find Santa and give him some presents for a change. Lee Wildish creates this truly magical festive world with incredibly detailed and stunning illustrations which will delight children and keep them engrossed in this fantastic story.


George builds himself a sleigh and packs up the presents (and some spare woolly sock just in case) and sets off to find Santa. He gets distracted on his way by polar bears, snowball fights and making snow angels but after hitching a ride on a polar bear he soon arrives at the North Pole. Alas when he arrives at Santa’s Workshop he finds all sorts of mayhem taking place. The elves haven’t finished wrapping the presents, Rudolph has got a cold and his nose won’t glow so it’s up to George to help them get organised and save Christmas.




After George has helped wrap presents and found a torch for Rudolph he finally gets to meet Santa. Too late he realises that all of his presents have gone and he decides he should  go home and is filled with despair. Aaarrgghh but then more disaster strikes as Santa discovers he has a holey sock, how can he go on a long journey to deliver all the presents surely his foot will freeze. Then George has a brilliant idea he knows just what the perfect present for Santa will be after all and he manages to save the day once again.


This is a perfect book for reading aloud the rhyme whisks you along on the adventure whilst the sublime illustrations draw you into this festive, sparkly and wintery world. It’s an entertaining and funny read that takes you on a truly magical adventure.

A big thank you to Egmont for sending me this lovely book to review it will be a fantastic addition to my Christmas storytime collection.


6 thoughts on “Socks for Santa – Adam & Charlotte Guillain Lee Wildish

      1. roseenglishukauthor

        The children (both young & old) loved hearing the story at the family Christmas Gathering I am sure it will be read year after year. A truly wonderful book thanks for bringing it to our attention.

        A very Happy New Year & Happy Reading 2016


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