Bella Broomstick – Lou Kuenzler

Bella Broomstick

‘Bella Broomstick’ is the first in a new exciting series from Lou Kuenzler. My girls are big fans of both the ‘Shrinking Violet’ and ‘Princess Disgrace’ books so when I was given the opportunity to participate in this blog tour I leapt at the chance so we could catch a sneak peek of what we could expect from her latest character Belladonna Broomstick. But don’t worry you won’t have long to wait it is published by Scholastic on the 7th January 2016.

Bella is a hopeless witch in a world of warty, hairy, smelly witches her happy, kind nature means she is quite obviously the odd one out. Living a miserable existence with her horrid Aunt Hemlock her sole comfort is a department store catalogue she found blowing around the moors one day which she hides under her bed. Her Aunt barely tolerates her and when she fails the entrance exams for the Creepy Castle School for Witches and Wizards her patience eventually wears out and she banishes Bella to live in the Person World. Unable to believe that she is escaping her Aunts’s wicked clutches her only disappointment is when she is banned from doing magic and her wand is destroyed. But when Bella finds a kitten in trouble she decides to try a little magic……. after all what harm could it possibly do?

Before I start this review I have a confession to make I have a slight obsession with witches in stories this was one of the reasons I was desperate to get my hands on a copy of this book. Perhaps it’s related to a previous life experience or a diet of Worst Witch books when I was growing up but I like nothing better than magical mayhem. For me this book is a delight to read, it ticks all the boxes we encounter mean old witches, magical mishaps and curious creatures. It manages to be both funny and poignant as we see Bella struggling to believe that anybody would love her just for being herself. I loved the hilarious moments when she discovers the joys of flushing toilets, escalators and bubble baths Bella herself  sums it up perfectly ‘who says Person’s can’t do magic.’ At the heart of this story is a little girl –  who just happens to be a witch –  trying to find a way to fit into life and learning to form relationships for the first time. She is always trying her very best and has the very best intentions in mind even if they could possibly ruin her only chance of happiness.

This book got a big thumbs up seal of approval from my youngest daughter who is 7. it’s ideally pitched for newly confident readers and she read it in one sitting in fact she is trying to get it off my desk as I’m writing this blog so she can read it again. We both enjoyed the illustrations by Kyan Cheng which manage to capture both the Magical Realm and the Person World through Bella’s eyes. These quirky, whimsical drawings help keep the reader engaged and entertained. We’re looking forward to more magical mayhem in the further adventures from Bella Broomstick.


Lou Kuenzler

Lou Kuenzler

To find out more about Lou Kuenzler you can visit her website, find her on Goodreads or follow her on twitter. If you haven’t already why not try the Shrinking Violet and Princess Disgrace series they come highly recommended by both of my girls.

Her popular SHRINKING VIOLET books are funny, action-packed adventures about a little girl who suddenly shrinks …. Think Mrs Pepperpot with a 21st century twist!
PRINCESS DISGRACE introduces the clumsiest princess ever in a comic romp through life at a posh princess academy – unicorns, dragons and japes galore! 

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Thank you to Scholastic for sending me a copy of this book to review we’ve really enjoyed reading it in our family.

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