Pugly Bakes a Cake – Pamela Butchart & Gemma Correll


We are huge fan of Pamela Butchart in my family and when ‘Pugly Bakes a Cake’ arrived in the post both my girls were desperate to be the first to read this fantastic story. Having devoured their way through through ‘Baby Aliens Got My Teacher, ‘The Spy Who Loved School Dinners’, ‘My Headteacher is a Vampire Rat’ and the brilliant ‘Wigglesbottom Primary’ series they knew they were in for a treat. Without fail every child and parent I have recommended Pamela Butchart’s books too has come back demanding more.

In ‘Pugly Bakes a Cake’ we meet Pugly a pug who likes to think big! Even his imaginary name Tobias Roberto Mozzarella Pugly is ambitious. Whilst his owner Maddy is at school Pugly puts into action his ‘best idea ever’ in a bid to become the most famous dog on the planet. Unknown to Pugly the dastardly Clementine the cat is scheming to scupper his plans of baking the ‘yummiest cake ever’ and sets out foil his efforts. Can Clive the goldfish warn Pugly before it’s too late? Will Clementine cause a cake catastrophe? And why does Pugly’s arch nemesis The Evil Squirrel appear whenever he has an amazing idea? All of answers to these questions and more will be revealed!

This book really did make me laugh out loud it’s  brilliant funny, totally entertaining and will be hugely appealing for younger readers. There are moments of sheer joy which will make you eager to keep reading my favourite being Pugly getting caught in the cat flap. I think Pamela writes in a way which instinctively appeals to children’s sense of humour which they find unable to resist reading. Both of my girls absolutely adored the story and they read it in one sitting as they were so engrossed. I really loved the devious Clementine who takes great delight in causing complete carnage for poor Pugly it just confirms what I have always suspected that’s cats are secretly trying to take control and run the world. It is cleverly illustrated  by Gemma Correll who manages to capture perfectly the chaotic antics unfolding throughout the story in her quirky cartoons.  Like the Wigglesbottom Primary series it is ideal for newly confident readers and will also provide inspiration for reluctant readers.

There is more to come from Pamela this year with two new titles due to be released in Spring.

‘Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies’ illustrated by Thomas Flintham is released on the 4th February 2016. In this story we find Izzy and her friends witnessing more strange behaviour at their school and they speculate why the ‘demon’ dinner lady has returned to school.


pbutch2The third in the Wigglesbottom Primary school series ‘The Magic Hamster’ illustrated by Becka Moor is released on 3rd March 2016.

Three more stories of primary school mayhem as 2F set out to solve the real mysteries of life. What is the school mashed potato REALLY made of? When Lauren swallows a fly, will she ACTUALLY turn into one? And who, or what, is ROBOT BOY?


Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me a copy of this book to review it was a total delight to read!


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