I Love You More and More – Nicky Benson & Jonny Lambert


‘I love You More and More’ magnificently told by Nicky Benson and sumptuously illustrated by Jonny Lambert is a mesmerising tale of the love between a parent and child. I was immediately charmed by the exquisite cover with its delicately muted shades speckled with silver foil. It is a book which demands to be picked up and delved into, you know instantly that you are bound to find treasure within these pages.

We are swept along on this wondrous journey as Bear tries to express the extent of his love for cub. He loves him ‘high and low’  and ‘more than trees love to change with every season.’  Each of the pages expresses the truth, that there is no greater love than the relationship between a parent and a child. Even Mother Nature in it’s most magnificent creations and wonders cannot rival the affection that Bear feels for his cub.



Jonny Lambert’s illustrations marvellously convey the love and joy of the bond between the animals in this story. He manages to create this breath-taking world of idyllic green meadows, sweeping mountains, luscious forests and clear blue lakes.There is an epic quality to the story which offers a perfect symmetry to the everlasting depth of the feeling that Bear has for cub, ‘ I love you, baby, more and more with every precious day.’



This gorgeous story is bound to strike a chord with every parent and it is an absolutely enchanting book to share with your child. The narrative has a real rhythmic flow which is very calming and soothing to read and to listen to, it is perfect for bedtime reading.

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending me a copy I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing this spectacular book.

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