The Frog Olympics – Brian Moses & Amy Husband


‘The Frog Olympics’ written by Brian Moses and illustrated by Amy Husband is a delightfully, funny rhyming bundle of loveliness. Just like the frogs the words bounce all over the pages in a perfectly poetic motion allowing both the reader and the listener to be a carried along through this tale. When reading aloud at Storytime it provided endless opportunities for interaction. We pretended to be like frogs practising our big bulging eyes and fly catching with our tongues which caused much hilarity, whilst gleefully ‘ribbiting’ as we turned each page.



In the year of the Olympic Games it provides the perfect introduction of the celebration of the unity and togetherness which the event creates with ‘frogs of ever colour and size’ watching the events. Amy Husband’s illustrations beautifully capture the joy of participation with all of the frogs seemingly filled  with glee and excitement at having the opportunity to be involved. She uses a rich palette of colours and textures to create this wonderfully, vivid world. Together they have managed to create a dazzling, fun read which will have children eager to turn each page.


A big thank you to Brian Moses and Wayland Books for sending me a copy of this book to review it is a brilliant addition to my Storytime collection.


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