The Seriously Extraordinary Diary of a Pig – Emer Stamp

Seriously Extra Ordinary Diary of Pig

Pig is back!! The third book  ‘The Seriously Extraordinary Diary of Pig’ in this hilarious laugh out loud series by Emer Stamp is released on February 4th and it is full of fun, adventure and mayhem. Sometimes all Pig wants to do is to eat yummy slops and play games with Duck and Cow, but somehow things never seem to go to plan. After a game of hide-and-seek goes badly wrong and Cow gets kidnapped it’s up to Pig and Duck to embark on a mission across land and sea to save her.

To celebrate the launch of this latest book we would like to offer a big welcome to Emer Stamp the author and illustrator of the Diary of a Pig series. Thanks for stopping by on your blog tour Emer, it is a delight to have you as our guest.

emer-stamp (2)

In this Guest Post Emer talks about where her inspiration for the Pig Diary series came from and why she wanted to write a book about farmyard animals.

I grew up on a farm in Devon. My parents kept a crazy menagerie of animals. One of them was a pig called Salt Pork. He was my inspiration. Duck, Cow and the Evil Chickens also lived on the farm at one time or another. When I write, I always start by thinking about the farm and all the things I remember happening there.

One of my most enduring and favourite memories from the farm, was walking my pet lamb, Thrifty, in ‘the lamb pram’. The ‘lamb pram’ was my childhood pram modified to carry lambs. I would pop Thrifty in and walk her around the local lanes singing to her and telling her stories. I am still looking for a way to get this into the book.

My mum used to make up funny names and characters for the animals that lived on our farm. This really rubbed off on me. I love to create stories with animals in.

I like to give them unexpected characters; give them strange accents and voices. The more adventures Pig has the more crazy characters I get to invent. It’s great fun.

Thanks for telling us about your inspiration Emer, you can visit for fun downloads, great videos and to find out more about Pig and his friends.

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5 thoughts on “The Seriously Extraordinary Diary of a Pig – Emer Stamp

  1. Abi age 10

    I love pig, i’ve read the first two books and was hoping for another one to come out. Thanks so much, if I hadn’t read your blog,I wouldn’t have known about it coming out! I’ve already asked my mum order it 🙂


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