Izzy the Invisible – Louise Gray & Laura Ellen Anderson


Izzy the Invisible by Louise Gray ( a pseudonym of Jim Eldridge) with illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson is a delightful, whimsical story. It tells the story of seven-year old Izzy a curious girl who is always asking questions and seemingly causing chaos with her clumsiness. In a house where her parents are exceptionally busy and where her big sister Carrie barely tolerates her Izzy is beginning to feel invisible. She finds sanctuary at her Nana Lins, where she feels at home amongst the menagerie of exotic pets, the messy experiments and the overgrown garden filled with trees and wildflowers. But when her Nana’s latest experiment goes drastically wrong Izzy find she has the ability to become invisible and can’t resist using her powers to her advantage. While her Nana searches for a cure Izzy finds that sometimes her ability can come in useful but her Mum, Dad and big sister are seriously unimpressed.

This is a funny, sweet book which children will absolutely love. Both my girls were instantly enchanted by Izzy and fascinated by Nana and her crazy creatures especially the ridiculously clever Perky the Parrot . I’m a huge fan of illustrated fiction and Laura Ellen Anderson manages to capture the chaos, charm and warmth of the story brilliantly in her exquisite illustrations. She has an amazing ability to convey the emotions of the characters through thoughtful and revealing expressions which help to engage the newly confident reader. It is also refreshing to see a black family as the main characters in this book as  there is a real shortage of diverse fiction books. With themes of love, trust and family at the heart of this story it is perfectly pitched for the younger reader.

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