Tamsin and the Deep – Neill Cameron & Kate Brown


‘Tamsin and the Deep’ by Neill Cameron and Kate Brown is a dark and mystical adventure brought to you from the world of the extraordinary David Fickling Books. It began life as a weekly comic strip in the fantastic The Phoenix comic but now we get to experience the whole story in one volume which is perfect for those of us like me who are impatient. The Phoenix comic  was launched in 2012 and is packed full of stories, non-fiction and puzzles from some of the best story creators in the UK. I’m passionate about introducing children to a wide range of reading resources and this comic is perfect for inspiring a love of reading in even the most reluctant of reader.



When Tamsin foolishly goes into the water just to spite her older brother Morgan who is ignoring her, little does she know the danger lying beneath the sea. After a wave wipes Tamsin off her body board she finds herself dragged down deep beneath the sea to a world of ancient, menacing magic. When she washes up on the beach seemingly moments later she finds herself miles away and is astonished to discover that she has been missing for weeks presumed dead. Unable to account for where she has been Tamsin is haunted by vivid dreams of trying to escape an evil being.  With a deep sense of foreboding that the sea holds grave danger for Morgan, she uncovers a deadly curse and a family secret that make his deadly fate seem inevitable. Can anyone stop history repeating itself or will the ancient magic succeed again in its desire to have revenge?

This is a dark and intriguing tale. Neill conjures up a compelling story which will manage to keep you completely engrossed. It moves at a fast pace and you find yourself swept along with the action and just like the sea it feels dangerous, wild and unknown. I love the folklore element to the narrative and the echoes of The Little Mermaid which give it a real depth and richness. The characterisation is brilliant it perfectly captures the sibling relationship of love and hate, where they may drive you crazy one minute but you will fight anyone who dares to put them in harms way. Kate Brown’s illustrations are exquisite, sophisticated and dynamic they complement the storytelling wonderfully and keep the reader totally engaged throughout. She captures brilliantly the drama as the scenes unfold and the expressions of the characters gives us a real sense of the unease and fear they are feeling,It has been a huge hit in my house both my girls have re read over and over again, they have found it to be quite dark and scary but in a edge of a seat way so that you keep wanting more.

You can read an exclusive sample of Tamsin and the Deep here:


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Neill Cameron

Born and raised in Oxford, Neill Cameron has been drawing comics pretty much since he could hold a pencil. He is the creator of the graphic novel Mo-Bot High, and is currently working on series including The Pirates of Pangaea (with Daniel Hartwell) and How To Make (Awesome) Comics for weekly children’s comic The Phoenix.

To find out more about Neill you can visit his blog and his website on the links below:




Kate Brown

Kate Brown lives & works full-time making comics in Oxford. In early 2010, she was awarded the Arts Foundation Fellowship for Graphic Novels. Her recent  edits include her creator-owned title, FISH + CHOCOLATE, British Comic ward-nominated THE LOST BOY, British Comic Award-nominated THE SPIDER MOON, and EMILIE’S TURN with Neill Cameron for THE PHOENIX. She guested on the  acclaimed YOUNG AVENGERS Vol2, and was a contributor to the British Comic  award-winning NELSON.

To find out more about Kate you can visit her website on the link below:


Thank you to The Phoenix Comics for sending me a copy of this book to review.




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