Hilda – Luke Pearson

The Hilda series by Luke Pearson is a visual masterpiece and an entertaining romp of a story. Hilda is a quirky character who will immediately capture a child’s imagination with her inability to sit still and her need to seek out adventures. When my girls first got their hands on these comic books they devoured them and keep coming back for more. With her vivid blue hair, jaunty beret and distinctive bright clothing Hilda is massively appealing for boys and girls alike. I have got two of these wonderful stories to share on the blog today.

Hilda and the Troll

hilda 1

‘Hilda and the Troll’ is the first in this magical series and is now available in a gorgeous paperback. When you open the first page you are immediately drawn into Hilda’s world with an exquisite map which hints at the extent of the adventure which lies ahead.


Whilst on a drawing expedition seeking out the magical creatures that live in her idyllic mountains surrounding her house she encounters a troll rock. According to her manual ‘Trolls and Other Dangerous Creatures’ she learns that this peculiar looking rock turns into a fierce and powerful troll in the darkness. As she draws the creature she begins to nod off and when she awakens she is lost in a snowstorm and the troll rock has come to life and disappeared.


 On her way home, Hilda ventures deep into the woods, befriends a lonely wooden man and narrowly avoids getting squashed by a lost giant. Safely home and fast asleep she is awoken by the sound of the troll approaching her house has HIlda’s adventuring  gotten herself in too deep  or can she save herself in time.


Hilda and the Midnight Giant

hilda 2

In ‘Hilda and the Midnight Giant’ Hilda and her mum find themselves the targets of invisible creatures who are determined to make them leave their home by bombarding them with stones and eviction notices. Not wanting to move to the town Hilda is forced to try and befriend these peculiar creatures to try and discover why they are deemed unwanted. After signing the necessary paperwork Hilda discovers they are not living in a peaceful, idyllic valley all by themselves in fact they are surrounded by a tiny town full of elves who see her as the enemy.


 Just when you think things can’t get any curiouser a strange giant appears at midnight and Hilda the only person who can see him. It is up to her to solve this mystery as well as trying to persuade the tiny creatures to let them stay. Will Hilda be able to solve the puzzle before it’s too late or is destiny calling them towards the town and a new beginning?


Full of thrills, spills and humour these fantastic comic books will keep you thoroughly entertained. I particularly enjoy Luke’s attention to detail there is so many layers to the stories which you can explore every time you read it. He captures Hilda’s emotions brilliantly and creates an incredible sense of drama which builds carefully and will keep your child totally engaged throughout. His use of colour alternating between strong warm colours and dark muted colours add to the tension and  highlight when danger lies ahead. They are a real gem of a series and if you enjoyed these adventures there is more to come in the next two books in the series, ‘Hilda and the Bird Parade’ and ‘Hilda and the Black Hound’, which are available to buy now from Flying Eye Books.

hilda 3

hilda 4

To find out more about Luke Pearson you can visit his website:


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