Hell’s Belles Tatum Flynn Illustrated by Dave Shephard

hell's belles

‘Hell’s Belles’ by Tatum Flynn is the follow up to the brilliantly, funny ‘The D’Evil Diaries’, where we first met our dynamic duo Jinx D’Evil and Tommy Covelli. Jinx is a useless demon, which is a huge problem when you’re Lucifer’s youngest son. Utterly despondent about being a failure he runs away and manages to get caught up in a conspiracy which could destroy the future of the underworld. Just when he thinks events can’t get any stranger, he discovers a human girl who shouldn’t be there at all! Can this unlikely pair save Hell and defeat the demons who are seeking to overthrow Lucifer? Well you will have to read ‘The D’Evil Diaries’ to find out!

In ‘Hell’s Belles’ Tommy is trying to come to terms with being the only human living in the underworld, Having Lucifer’s son Jinx as your best friend should work to your advantage but Tommy soon finds out that she is unlikely to win a popularity contest in Hell any time soon. Help appears to be at hand when Jinx’s mysterious stepmother Lilith makes a sudden uninvited appearance amongst the flames of blue hellfire. She offers Tommy the opportunity to prove her worth and redeem herself in the eyes of the demons by facing a series of  dangerous and challenging tasks. Tommy seizes the chance to join the demons who are determined to win the task and the favour of the underworld. But Jinx is suspicious of Lilith’s behaviour. He sets out to discover her underlying motives behind her generosity to Tommy and once again we find them caught up in another thrilling adventure.

‘The D’Evil Diaries are a perfect mix of fun and darkness and are certain to capture children’s imagination. Tatum’s writing is so richly descriptive and creative that it is joy to read. She manages to conjure up the underworld so brilliantly that it magically appears before your eyes. Your senses are tantalised and disgusted in equal measure. The stench of the brimstone will make your eyes water, the crimson sky will make you look in wonder and you can almost hear the nonsensical chatting of the gargoyles guarding the palace. It is a thrilling ride with just the right amount of terror and danger to keep the reader desperately wanting more. Brilliantly funny, entertaining and completely original this series is a must have read. A big shout to Dave Shephard who created the stunning, vivid covers of these books which demand to be picked up and read. He also creates the divine illustrations in this book that bring to life Tatum’s unique vision.

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Thank you to Orchard Books for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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