Sir Charlie Stinky Socks The Mummy’s Gold – Kristina Stephenson


‘The Mummy’s Gold’ is the newest Sir Charlie Stinky Socks adventure in this fantastic series from Kristina Stephenson. Sir Charlie is a little knight with a heart of gold together with his faithful cat Envelope and his good grey mare, he likes nothing better than adventures with colourful beasties, ghoulies and ghosties, not to mention pouting princesses in tall, tall towers. His latest quest is to return a sack of stolen pirate booty back to its rightful owner who lives in a desert across the sea. This may sound simple but Sir Charlie’s adventures seldom are and he finds himself caught up on a long forgotten quest to find the missing gold of the Pharoah Aboo Ra, whilst trying to outwit a cunning rival.



Kristina manages to conjure up this magical world and we are swept along the desert on the ‘brink of a brilliant adventure’. The story moves along in a fantastic, fabulous, flow of alliteration which makes it perfect for reading aloud. With the giant flaps that open sideways and upways any young explorer will find themselves drawn into this tale wondering what they will discover next. It is ideal for older readers, the words on the pages curve, loop and change size providing an engaging experience for newly confident readers to enjoy independently.

mummy4 mummy3

The illustrations are beautifully detailed, with Kristina capturing the Egyptian artefacts, hieroglyphics and the vibrant colours of the Bedouin tent in an attractive spellbinding way which will appeal to both children and adults. Each page is rich with wonderful colours and is brimming with life. There is so much to see that every time you return to this adventure there is more to discover and enjoy. By the end of the tale you really feel like you have been take on a journey across far lands, helped navigate tricky mazes and found out that treasure doesn’t always have to be about finding gold. At the heart of the story we discover that sometimes it’s the adventure itself and the fun of the search is the real treasure that we are seeking.

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks has his very own website where you can’t find out more abouthis adventures, enjoy lots of fun activities and even ask Charlie questions.


Thank you to Egmont for sending me a copy of this book.

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