Strictly No Crocs – Heather Pindar & Susan Batori


‘Strictly No Crocs’ is a debut picture book from Heather Pindar which is wonderfully illustrated by Susan Batori. Everyone in the savannah is excited it’s Zebra’s birthday but the crocs are not invited!  Chomper, Snapper and Cruncher are feeling rather cross and just want to eat everyone up. But without an invitation, they must come up with a plan to get into that party!  Donning cunning disguises they manage to sneak in. Oh no! What will happen next?



Before they can put their dastardly plan into action, they find themselves caught up in the party fever. Jumping on the bouncy castle, dancing the conga, bursting balloons and watching fireworks can definitely distract even the most determined of crocs from his deadly mission. As the crocs wave their new friends goodbye after an amazing party they soon realise there is something they have forgotten to do.



This book is a great interactive read aloud treat, perfect for sharing with younger children. I loved trying to convince the children when I was reading it that it was a leopard, flamingo and bee going to the party and not Cruncher, Chomper and Snapper. Of course they saw through mine and the crocs attempts to try and convince them and I was greeted with lots of shouting of ‘No’ and ‘It’s a Crocodile’. It is a fantastic, funny read and is very appealing with lots of opportunities for hilarious expression and joining in when reading aloud. Susan Batori’s illustrations are vibrant and fun with lovely textured backgrounds which give the book a really sumptuous feel. She manages to capture so much of the humour of the books in the brilliantly animated expressions of the animals. This book really made me chuckle I absolutely loved those cheeky crocs and it was a real treat to pour over the divine illustrations.

Thank you to Maverick Publishing for sending me a copy of this book.

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