One Day On Our Blue Planet – Ella Bailey


The One Day on Our Blue Planet series by Ella Bailey is a series of children’s books focused on the way our young animal friends spend a day, beginning with a curious lion cub and a penguin chick. From breakfast to dinner, dusk to dawn, children will love exploring the little corner of the big blue planet which the lion cub and penguin chick share with us. These books will captivate the imaginations of young readers as well as teaching them about the various animals of the Savannah and Antarctic and their natural habitats.

In the first book ‘In the Savannah’ we meet the lion cub on the first day he emerges from his den to join the rest of his family in the pride. We watch as takes his first steps on the savannah into a wonderland of strange and wonderful creatures. Not only is it filled with stunning, sumptuous illustrations as you turn each page you will learn interesting facts about his world.  Children will adore this mischievous cub as he roars, hunts and plays being a grown up lion. Just like the cub you will be filled with wonder and delight at the marvels that unfold before your eyes.



With sublime endpapers featuring all the animal of the African savannah during the day and night time eager young minds will be able to identify the different animals and then hunt for them throughout the book. It really is perfect for enquiring children who love to ask questions and collect information.



The second book of the series ‘In the Antarctic’ follows a young penguin chick as she embarks upon her first journey across the Antarctic ocean. We watch her courageous journey as she jumps bravely into the freezing ocean filled with giant sea creatures, ready to face unknown perils. Here we learn how she is able to swim many miles each day for many years without the prospect of finding land and is kept warm by her thick layer of fat. We see her face danger in the form of a Ross seal and are relieved she manages to escape his clutches just in time!



Again the brilliant endpapers take us on an exploration of all the different creatures above and under the ice in the Antarctic, which our chick will meet as she makes her epic journey.



These beautiful books are a joy to behold and would make a fantastic addition to any home or school library. The picture book format makes it highly accessible to even the youngest of child who will be delighted and entranced by these vibrant illustrations. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey around our amazing blue planet, it is an unforgettable experience.

To buy a copy of these books you can visit:

Thank you to Flying Eye Books who sent me a copy of ‘In the Antarctic’.


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