Eric Appleby: Zero to Hero – Dan Worsley


Once in a while you get a copy of a book which has you smiling from start to finish and leaves you feeling thoroughly entertained. ‘Eric Appleby: Zero To Hero’ is one of these books! I started reading it late last night and couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. Short but perfectly formed it manages to cram so much heart and action into 92 pages it is a brilliant read for reluctant or newly confident readers. Martin Spore provides the quirky illustrations throughout which superbly enhance this story.

It tells the tale of Eric a young boy who struggles to fit in anywhere in school, living an isolated existence without friends he just fades into the background. His Dad is struggling to come to terms with the death of Eric’s Mum and he’s also unemployed with no will to do anything. There is little comfort at home for Eric and the future seems bleak! But when his greedy headmaster is hoodwinked by the dastardly (and humorously named) Ivana De Cash into allowing robot cleaners to look after the school, Eric finds himself thrust into the position of saviour of the school. Can Eric emulate his hero of the screen Troy Randall and save his school from grave danger?

This story packs a real punch in a short space of time. You will immediately feel the poignancy of Eric’s situation and delight in the opportunity he is given to redeem himself. Full of drama, humour and with an irresistible evil nemesis this is a fantastic read for children looking for an action packed story. When reading this book you get a real feel for Dan’s desire to encourage children to love stories by ensuring they will want to be carried away with this adventure.

Thanks to Dan Worsley for sending me a copy of this book to review, it is now off to live in it’s new home my school library and I can’t wait for the children to get their hands on this fabulous book.

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