Violet and the Smugglers – Harriet Whitehorn & Becka Moor


‘Violet and the Smugglers’ by Harriet Whitehorn and illustrated by Becka Moor is the latest in this delightful series of adventures. On her latest voyage we see Violet set off an sailing trip around Europe with her Uncle Jonny and her best friends Rose and Art. But it’s not long before they find themselves caught up in mystery and intrigue. They begin to wonder if the Captain of the neighbouring ship Mr Jolly may be mixed up in something very untoward. Mysterious packages, meetings in the dead of night and strange exchanges lead the children to suspect that Mr Jolly is involved in a secret smuggling ring. Will they be able to discover just what is going on before it’s too late?



This book is superbly crafted and a total joy to behold. It is irresistibly funny and beautifully written I was totally swept up in Violet’s crime solving adventure. I really love when illustrated fiction books are created which appeal to older children, they really help support reluctant and struggling readers. The stunning illustrations by Becka Moor and the attention to detail the book has with maps, insights into favourite ice creams all help to conjure up Violet’s world in a child’s imagination. You really feel like you are taken on a journey through Venice and can really soak up the atmosphere. It really is a delight to read! The beautiful violet palette throughout and the sumptuous cover make this book so appealing, virtually leaping off the shelf demanding to be read.



Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of this book to review and inviting me to join the blog tour. I’m looking forward to my special guest post from the lovely Becka Moor.


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