Violet and the Smugglers – Guest Post In the studio with Becka Moor

Violet and the Smugglers

To celebrate the release of ‘Violet and the Smugglers’ by Harriet Whitehorn and Becka Moor this week I have a special guest post.  I am delighted to welcome Becka Moorto the blog to tell us all about her studio.

In the studio with Becka Moor

Becka Moor is the illustrator of the Violet series, written by Harriet Whitehorn. She studied Illustration for Children’s Publishing in the North of Wales at Glyndwr University, graduating in 2012. She now lives in Manchester, where she grew up.

I work from a spare room in my flat in Manchester (above a coffee shop!), which I turned into my ‘studio space’.


It has lots of light flooding in and it’s close to the tea making facilities which is a bonus. I have all sorts of bits and bobs dotted around the place, as you can see.


There’s a huge, comfy recliner chair that I rarely use because I know that once I sit in it, I’ll never get up. It’s next to a bookcase where I keep copies of all the books I’ve illustrated, as well as other children’s books by authors whose work I really like.

I have a bureau that turns into a sketching desk, which sits opposite my actual desk where I work on a monstrous 27in Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet.



I work mainly digitally, but tend to put my ideas down in a sketchbook first that I can then refer back to. I love the ability to put sketches on different layers and shift them around, changing the composition without having to rub it all out and start over, but I do try to maintain a sense of traditional art within my work.


There are a few inspirational things on the walls of my studio, such as some postcards I was given as a gift for Christmas. I also have some bunting up that reminds me of the seaside, and a lovely cow plaque that has two toy mice sat upon it, because I put them there once and they looked quite comfortable.

Keeping me company whilst I work are my two cats, Daisy and Bella – here they are!

STUDIO 6 Daisy (1)

STUDIO 7 Bella

You can read my review of ‘Violet and the Smugglers’ here.

If you missed any of the stops on the blog tour why not hop back on and take a look!






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