Gorgeous New Picture Books – Egmont

I’ve got a bundle of new picture books to share with you today with some new and old friends. From naughty gremlins, Mr Men and a boy called Danny there is something to interest everyone.

‘Supermarket Gremlins’ Adam Guillain, Charlotte Guillian  & Chris Chatterton


I was thrilled to see a new book from Adam and Charlotte Guillian authors of the fantastic George’s Amazing Adventures series. ‘Supermarket Gremlins is a hilarious romp of a tale which is guaranteed to have children laughing out loud. The naughty gremlins cause chaos around the supermarket throwing muffins, weeing on the floor, snoozing in the bread and showing you their bottom in the fruit aisle. Children will delight in opening the numerous flaps as they try to find out what mischief the gremlins will get caught up in next. This book is perfect for reading aloud, the rhymes flow splendidly and it offers so much opportunity for engaging children as they delight in the dastardly behaviour. Chris Chatterton’s illustrations capture perfectly the sheer joy in the gremlins faces as they wreak havoc on the supermarkets. The colours are vibrant and fun it truly is a brilliantly, funny picture book which I loved. I am looking forward to finding out what tricks the gremlins get up to in future books.

‘What Will Danny Do Today’ Pippa Goodheart & Sam Usher


‘What Will Danny to Today’ is a unique new picture book from Pippa Goodhart author of the brilliant ‘You Choose’. It was the cover illustrated by Sam Usher which really captured my attention when I first read this book. There is so much to see and discover it just hints at the magic that is waiting to be discovered when you open the book. On each of the pages you get to help Danny decide what he will do today, will he wear spotty, stripy or plain clothes and will he eat a crunchy, chewy or wobbly breakfast? Each page is crammed with so much delicious detail that you can spend hours poring over the pages talking about all the different things you can spot. Small children can become very adamant choosing what they do so this book is a perfect way to help them feel involved. Sam Usher’s illustrations are exquisite and full of subtle humour. My favourite being the ‘lost mug’ poster in the staffroom anyone who works in a school will appreciate the reality of no mugs. Pippa’s use of sparse language allows the child’s imagination to rule and let them be in charge of Danny’s destiny. This book is engaging and delightful a must have read.

Mr Men Adventure Series – Roger Hargreaves Adam Hargreaves

egm3 egm4

The Mr. Men are back with an exciting new series of adventures which introduce children to historical themes in a fun and humorous way. I was thrilled to see Mr. Men in a large picture book format perfect for young children to explore and learn fascinating facts. In ‘Adventure with Dinosaurs’ Little Miss Curious finds a ginormous footprint which takes us on a dinosaur hunt and we discover that the Ankylosaurus is stronger than Mr. Strong and the Apatosaurus is greedier than Mr. Greedy being able to eat a whole tree in one gulp. Little Miss Splendid goes on holiday in ‘Adventure in Egypt’ and finds herself in a world of pyramids, Pharoahs’ treasures and Mummies. She soon gets caught up in the idea of being an Egyptian Queen and manages to get them all lost inside a pyramid. We are taken on an interesting journey around Egypt helping young children understand this ancient culture in a very accessible way. Each of the book contains additional information on the back cover with ‘Did You Know’ dinosaur facts and a Hieroglyphic alphabet for children to learn how to write their own name. There is more to come from this series in July with ‘Mr. Men Adventures with Knights’ and Mr. Men Adventures with Pirates.’ A fun addition to the lovable Mr. Men books which continue to be incredibly popular and engaging for children.

Easter Giveaway!

egm2 egm1

To win a copy of both ‘Supermarket Gremlins’ and ‘What Will Danny Do Today.’ leave me a comment telling me what you would do today if you had a choice. I would lie on a beach in the sun, reading books. Let me know what you would do!

Closing date Monday 28th March, winner will be chosen at random.

Thank you to Egmont for sending me copies of these books to review.


22 thoughts on “Gorgeous New Picture Books – Egmont

  1. acornbooksblog

    Tempted to say I would spend the whole day asleep as my baby boy keeps me up most of the night! But I think I will go with taking my little family to the seaside for a play on the sand followed by fish and chips and ice cream… Then a BIG nap!

    Love the sound of all these books, my bigger boy has just discovered the Mr Men series and he will love these new books!


  2. BookBairn

    I would book myself into the Spa, be pampered whilst swimming, snoozing and reading in between massages. But instead we have lots of errands to do and baby yoga so that will be fun instead. xx Great post xx


  3. beescircus

    I would take my children t the zoo!! We haven’t been for a while and we love the different animals – especially the big cats!! As it stands, we’re having been my family over for a roast dinner so that will actually be lovely, maybe another day for the zoo!


  4. Jacqueline Harris

    I’d do the gardening for a couple of hours, with the kids ‘helping’ -digging muddy holes and planting seeds!



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