Sublime Picture Books – Flying Eye Books

Those lovely people at Flying Eye Books have been working their magic again and produced some new stunning picture books which I am looking forward to sharing with you today.

Do You Hear, What I Hear? – Helen Borten


‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ by Helen Borten is a vintage classic from the 1950s now lovingly reproduced by Flying Eye Books. It allows children to tune in with their senses to try and understand the everyday sounds that they encounter. It flows with beautiful lyrical language where the words wrap themselves around you and you get lost amongst the illustrations. Thoughtful and intuitive it help children explore sounds in different ways and the emotional effect sound can have on us. The illustrations are divine and the colour palette is exquisite, it perfectly conveys the impact noise can have on us. How it can make us feel sleepy and drowsy or bright and sparky.



It has a sophisticated feel but can be accessed on so many levels and it is one of those rare books that will have a really wide appeal to children of all ages. The wonderful descriptive quality of this book gives endless opportunities for interaction as you replicate the different types of sounds and encourage children to join in with you. For me the end pages capture the heart of this book perfectly.

‘The World is like a great symphony,

full of sounds to listen and enjoy.

Do you hear what I hear?’

This book is a joy to behold a real vintage treat.

Clap, Clap! – Madalena Matoso


‘Clap, Clap’ by Madalena Matoso is a marvel in interactive entertainment. Bright and bold the illustrations leap off the page and join in with the fun. Perfect for engaging small children as you open and close the pages to create the action and conjure up the sounds. Crash the cymbals together to make a ‘doing’ sound, bash  your beaters on the drum to create the ‘bong’ and tap on your triangle to hear the ‘ting’.


It also helps reinforce number recognition with each page having a number with equal amounts of sounds, the butterfly flaps its wings 9 times on page 9. This allows children to see the number and check their understanding by counting along when reading. Let your child use their imagination and help them develop their own individual, joyful experience.

All Kinds of Cars – Carl Johanson


Reading ‘All Kinds of Car’ by Carl Johanson feels like delving into the depths of a child’s imagination. Carl assembles a collection of transport which includes both real and fantasy. We have marmalade and sausage cars lining up for attention next to dump trucks and diggers. Children will delight in trying to choose their most zany creation and will provide inspiration for them to devise their own wacky vehicles.


The use of bright, primary colours set against the black and white backgrounds highlights the transport as the star of the show. Cleverly formatting this book in the style of a catalogue makes the realistic seem possible and provides children with a valuable resource to stimulate their imagination.  This will provide hours of entertainment for children as they devour the pages, colour in the glorious illustrations and laugh at the hilarious inventions.

Thank you to Flying Eye Books for sending me copies of these books to review, you can buy you them here.

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