Jim Reaper Son of Grim – Rachel Delahaye & Jamie Littler


‘JIm Reaper Son of Grim’ is the hilarious debut novel from Rachel Delahaye illustrated by Jamie Littler. Jim thinks his life will be over unless he can get himself a Bazoom scooter. The awesome, fierce Fiona starts riding hers to school and ruins any chance Jim has to spend time with her.  Jim enlists his best friend Will to  help him  devise a plan to get one before it’s too late and Fiona is out of his life forever.   But in the quest  to convince his parents to buy him one he uncovers a family secret that his Dad has been hiding from him. When the boys break into his Dad’s office they find  secret offices hidden behind a modern façade. Something doesn’t feel quite right to Jim! Ancient portraits line the walls, the staff dress in long black cloaks and Jim’s dad’s office bears the sign ‘G. Reaper.’ What can it possibly mean?

This book was brilliantly entertaining I love children’s books that are out of the ordinary and explore the dark side of life but in a fun and quirky way. The characters are all well written with great insight and humour from Jim’s smoothie loving health obsessed Mum to his little sister Hetty who manages to fool everyone into thinking that she is sweet and innocent. His Dad on the surface is just a boring accountant but obviously everything isn’t exactly as it seems. Fast paced and engaging you will find yourself getting caught up in the action and will find it hard to put down. It is a really clever concept delivered in a witty, energetic way and will leave you wanting to find out more. I think it will have a really wide appeal and can’t wait to start recommending it to the children in my school library.

Jamie Littler’s illustrations provide a perfect snapshot of the characters personalities and eccentricities. My particular favourite is when Jim and Will stumble across the secret room where they are all wearing long cloaks and writing with quills, he captures the panic perfectly. His expressions on the characters throughout the book are magnificent.

To find out more about Rachel you can visit her website here or follow her on Twitter @RachelDelahaye

To find out more about Jamie you can visit his website here or follow him on Twitter @jamieillustrate

Thank you to Rachel Delahaye and Piccadily Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.


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