Wild Animals of the North – Dieter Braun


‘Wild Animals of the North’ by Dieter Braun is a stunningly, spectacular non-fiction book which has been a huge hit with all members of my family. An oversized catalogue of creatures from the Northern Hemisphere this book is perfect for spending hours poring over enjoying the beautiful illustrations whilst finding out lots of amazing facts. Highlighting wildlife who are endangered or threatened with extinction this is a visual journey through the world in which we live.


We begin our exploration in North America. On our trek through the wilderness we go flying with the bald eagle, fishing with the Kodiak bear, hunting with the long-tailed weasel and climbing with the grey squirrel. Learning fascinating facts along the way about Polar Bears whose coat is not actually white and that the further north you go  Pumas will be bigger.


As we cross into Europe we encounter beautiful Fire Salamanders, magnificent Compass Jellyfishes and predatory Red Foxes. We learn that Barn Owls mate for life, there are around 6000 spikes on an adult Hedgehog and that Peregrine Falcons are one of the fastest birds in the world. By introducing both new and commonly known wildlife this allows the child to get a true insight into the many diverse species which live on our planet.


Finally we head over to Asia to meet the ‘ghost of the mountain’ the Snow Leopard, the Markhor a wild relative of the domestic goat and the sociable Bottlenose Dolphin. Each creature is displayed in it’s stunning glory by Dieter’s sublime illustrations which bring them to life magnificently with vivid expressions and movement. This is a unique and captivating book which will delight and inform both children and adults alike. It would make a wonderful addition to any home, school or library and has already established itself as a firm favourite on our bookshelves.


You can buy a copy of ‘Wild Animals of the North’ here and we have ‘Wild Animals of the South’ to look forward to in the future.

Thank you to Flying Eye Books for sending me a copy of this book.

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