Can I Eat That? Joshua David Stein & Julia Rothman

Can I Eat That 2d

‘Can I Eat That?’ by Joshua David Stein and illustrated by Julia Rothman is a perfect way to satisfy curious young minds. As a parent I was (and still am) bombarded by questions from my daughters. This book seeks to be informative and entertaining with a series of questions and answers about food we can or can’t eat. Looking at a variety of foods from around the world it introduces new and interesting concepts to children.

‘Can I eat… a sea urchin?!’ While our instincts might be to say ‘No!’, in Japan the meat inside Uni (as sea urchins are known) called coral are served with rice.



Playful and interesting it tackles those burning questions which children love to ask, ‘If fish don’t have fingers, where do fish fingers come from?’ and ‘if eggs come from chickens, where do chickens come from?’ Joshua is a food critic with a passion for food and he wants children to be too, allowing them to think about different food and cultures opens their minds to new and wonderful tastes.



The illustrations from Julia Rothman –  who is a food and textile illustrator –  are vibrant and engaging and provide an early introduction to the art of perspective. ‘Is this a faraway lime or a life-sized pea’ and ‘Is this is a distant doughnut or a close-up Cheerio?’ It would be an ideal spark in the classroom to use in art lessons for children to create their own versions, who knows where their ideas might lead them?



A true celebration of food from around the world this book invites children to be curious and helps stimulate their imaginations and creativity.

Where I work by Joshua David Stein

Joshua joins us on the blog today to talk about where he likes to write.



I own an inordinate number of small Moleskine notebooks. I prefer the super thin ones that come in packs of three. These fit perfectly in my pocket. Though I have a surfeit of notebooks, I have a shortage of space. For a while, our apartment’s linen closet had a computer desk that I’d work from. Then we moved. Now I work mostly on the subway or at lunch or, as I am right now, on the plane. When I’m working on things like Can I Eat That? I try to do it by hand since the glow of the computer, for some reason, yanks me from the sort of joyous childhood curiosity I think is so important when writing books for joyous curious children.

Blog Tour

In case you missed the rest of the blog tour you can  still join in and read more fantastic guest posts and reviews.


Thank you to Lorraine Keating and Phaidon for inviting me to join this blog tour and sending me a copy of the book to review.

A proportion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger You can buy the book here.

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