Harold’s Hungry Eyes – Kevin Waldron

Harolds Hungry Eyes 2d

‘Harold’s Hungry Eyes’ is a stunning picture book from Kevin Waldron featuring a food-obsessed Boston Terrier called Harold. Children will be totally enchanted by Harold, my girls leapt on this book as soon as it appeared at home and it has already become a family favourite. Who could resist this adorable face?


One morning, Harold wakes to find his favourite chair is missing. When he discovers it being taken away by a dustbin lorry Harold sneaks out to follow. Soon he is lost in the big city and when Harold’s tummy begins to rumble he realises he hasn’t had breakfast. And everywhere he looks all he can see is food, food and more food……….


He then realises his imagination and big appetite will help him find his way home. Along the way he sees food in the most unlikely places – on buildings, cars, in letterboxes and on buses, from a waffle manhole cover to wafer biscuit steps. All of them are leading him home!



This delightful story will really capture children’s imaginations and they will laugh out loud at the mischief Harold finds himself caught up in on his never ending quest to satisfy his appetite. The black and white line illustrations contrast sharply with the strong block colours and collages used throughout, we are quite clear who is the star of this book. It’s all about Harold and quite right too! The production is sublime and filled with gorgeous details. I particularly love the Boston Terriers hiding underneath the cover, the variety of expressions on Harold’s face is especially endearing.

It would be brilliant to use in schools to encourage children to look at everyday objects in a totally different way, challenging their creativity and seeing where their imaginations can take them. From creating their own food art collages to writing about their own journeys this book is a beautiful and valuable resource for any classroom or school library.


Harold’s Hungry Eyes Activity Pack

If you are looking for something to keep the children amused over the school holidays Phaidon have produced a fantastic activity pack to keep them busy. Filled with lots of ideas to encourage creativity and spark their imaginations, its a perfect holiday treat.


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