Tigerrific Picture Books – Little Tiger Press

I was really excited to receive three stunning tiger picture books from Little Tiger Press which gave me inspiration for a tiger themed Storytime at the library. Animal stories always provide me with the ideal opportunity to encourage interaction with the children. They love nothing better than getting involved with the storytelling, after all who can resist roaring like a tiger or snapping like a crocodile. Needless to say the three picture books that I’m about to share with you were a Storytime hit.

Augustus and His Smile – Catherine Rayner


This sublime 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Augustus and His Smile’ by Catherine Rayner is a joy to behold. It still contains the exquisite illustrations from the original edition but now it is wrapped in a gorgeous gold jacket. An ideal way to get younger children to talk about their emotions, this is a real classic which demands to be read over and over again.

‘Augustus the tiger is sad. He has lost his smile. So he does a HUGE tigery stretch and sets off to find it…..’

Augustus searches far and wide, exploring the tallest trees and deepest oceans
trying to find his smile. But alas it evades him and it is nowhere to be seen. Then
he finds himself caught in a downpour and unwittingly is having such great fun
that his smile suddenly reappears.
tiger 4
Catherine has an amazing ability to capture the personalities of the animals
in her books which is why I have always found them impossible to resist. She is
one of my favourite class authors and we have a lovely selection of her books
currently spending time touring each of our KS1 classes.
Goodnight Tiger – Timothy Knapman & Laura Hughes
‘Goodnight Tiger’ by Timothy Knapman with illustrations by Laura Hughes is a
bedtime tale with a twist. Emily can’t get to sleep she keeps hearing strange
noises in her bedroom ‘bellowing and stomping and trumpeting and growling’.
She soon discovers that it is the animals in her wallpaper who are making all the
noise because THEY can’t get to sleep and she climbs into the wallpaper and
shows THEM how to get ready for bed.
This is one of those brilliant books which will definitely entertain and be
enjoyable for both children and parents. It is with much hilarity that we watch
Emily become increasingly frazzled as she tries to get the animals to bed.
Charming and funny this delightful story is an ideal bedtime read. Laura’s
vibrant, sumptuous illustrations bring all the characters to life as they leap off
the pages into your bedroom so that you can join in with the chaos unfolding.
I love that this book reinforces the importance of sharing stories especially at
bedtime, for me this is the perfect bedtime story.
Squish, Squash, Squeeze – Tracey Corderoy & Jane Chapman


‘Squish, Squash, Squeeze’ is a hilarious new book from Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman. When Mouse moves into his new house it seems perfect, just enough space for him and his things.


But who’s that lurking behind the piano roaring? And who’s that scary creature crammed into the bath? All of a sudden there are lots of HUGE animals living in this house and it becomes a real squish-squash-squeeze! The children really enjoyed the surprise as they turned each page trying to guess who would appear next.  Most especially when they had to work out who was who was causing the rumbling and thrumbling and scaring all the animals. This book demands to be read aloud, there are so many opportunities to be loud and dramatic when reading it, it’s a truly entertaining and enjoyable read.



I love that this story shows to children how you don’t need to be big and strong to be brave and that unlikely friendships can be formed between even the most unexpected people. Jane Chapman’s bold and bright illustrations are really appealing to young children. Her expressions on the animals provides for many comic moments in the story and their personalities shine through. The fantastic pop-up ending guarantees to be seriously impressive to any child and brought gasps of delight when I was sharing this story. Another gem from Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman which will be a sure fire hit with children.

A big thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending me copies of these books to review.

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