Beaky Malone – Barry Hutchison & Katie Abey

Beaky Malone – World's Greatest Liar - Jacket

We all do it, don’t we? Tell those small white lies, “I never ate the last chocolate” is the most common one in my home. However some people just can’t help spinning the most elaborate of lies.  Meet Dylan Malone, aka Beaky, who has a habit for telling porkies – every time he opens his mouth, out pops a whopper… . He is adamant that jam makes dogs explode or that he has been swan fighting. But when his long-suffering sister shoves him into the truth-telling machine at Madame Shirley’s Marvellous Emporium of Peculiarities. Beaky finds he can’t tell a lie anymore! But nobody believes a word he says and telling the truth well, that gets him into even more trouble than telling lies.

Welcome to the world of ‘Beaky Malone World’s Greatest Liar’ a brand new laugh out loud series from Barry Hutchison with hilarious illustrations from Katie Abey. I loved watching the chaos unfold as Beaky’s honesty causes carnage and upset amongst his family. Unable to stop himself from telling his Dad his book is rubbish, his cousin that she’s creepy and revealing his Uncle has a secret love. Anything and everything could possibly happen and it does!

This book will genuinely keep you turning pages demanding more, children will be desperate to find out what trouble Beaky’s truth telling will be getting him into next. Katie Abney’s illustrations capture the disbelief and turmoil in all of the characters in her brilliant expressions which add an extra layer of humour to the story. It’s ridiculously silly, funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. A thoroughly entertaining read, definitely ideal for reluctant readers. I love books that make me chuckle and Beaky Malone does this over and over again. Just think what would happen if you stepped inside the truth-telling machine at Madame Shirley’s Marvellous Emporium of Peculiarities, I’m cringing with embarrassment just thinking about it!!

A big thank you to Stripes Publishing for sending me a copy of this book to review. You can buy a copy of ‘Beaky Malone’ here.

Barry Hutchison

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You can find out more about Barry Hutchison by visiting his website here. There is more to come from Beaky Malone with the second book in the series due for release in January 2017.

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