Storm Walker – Mike Revell


‘Storm Walker’ is the stunning new novel from Mike Revell which took my breath away filled with drama, darkness and the unknown it was a truly wondrous read. One minute Owen Smith is an ordinary school boy struggling to come to terms with life since the ‘longest day’ –  the death of his mother a year ago. The next his life changes in the most unexpected way when something strange happens and he finds himself sucked into a terrifying dream world, unable to control when he enters this world, or when he gets to leave. All he knows is that he is now Jack a Storm Walker and he’s compelled to fight this terrible darkness. But why is he here? And what if he never gets to go home.

This gripping tale had me totally mesmerised as you’re thrown between the two world of Owen and Jack, never knowing when things will change leaving you feel tense and totally enthralled as you get lost in the story. The future dystopian world which Owen finds himself is bleak and disturbing, controlled by the Marshal they are on a mission to protect the human race. But things are not always what they seem and Owen is the only one who can see disparities in the truth that it is being told to them and the events unfolding around them.  Mike’s writing is so vivid and realistic that you find yourself totally convinced that this future world is a possibility because it is so brilliantly constructed before your eyes. Wonderfully detailed and filled with action, it contrasts superbly with the very ordinariness of Owen’s seemingly uncomplicated life.

Throughout the story you see a young boy who despite suffering terrible grief still clings to the normality of everyday life. He desperately wants to play football for his team and is worried about losing his friendship with his best friend Danny because he is unable to explain his mysterious disappearances. Although it can feel like the darkness can be all consuming, there are rays of hope shining through for Owen and his Dad as they each find their own ways of moving through their grief. Thoughtful and moving this is an extraordinary, emotional adventure which I urge you to read.

Mike Revell

Mike Revell is also the author of the truly magical ‘Stonebird’ which invites you to believe in the magic and power of storytelling, you can read me review here.

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