Mission Gone Wild – Tamsin Cooke


‘Mission Gone Wild’ is the much anticipated follow up to Tamsin Cooke’s debut ‘Cat Burglar’. I made the mistake of taking my early copy of the book into school where my Year 4 children were desperate to get their hands on this having read ‘Cat Burglar’ last term. They were pleading to borrow my copy and it was only when I promised to buy some copies for the school library did they cease in their attempts to coerce me into handing it over. Full of thrills, danger and intrigue I can safely say that the children will not be disappointed when they finally get their hands on ‘Mission Gone Wild.’

Scar McCall schoolgirl by day, cat burglar by night is on her most dangerous mission yet. When a heist goes awry, she inadvertently lets a cursed dagger fall into the hands of a master criminal, Delgado. Compelled to right this wrong, Scar convinces Ethan to embark on a risky raid to retrieve it before Delgado can unleash its power with a deadly sacrifice. She must use her stealth, cunning and mysterious powers to succeed in her quest and will stop at nothing to protect the endangered animals who are under threat. Can she overcome all the odds and be back in time for school on Monday?

This exciting follow up is exciting, pacey and full of drama. It is a non stop whirlwind of an adventure which will leave you wanting more. Full of danger and the unexpected we see Scar wrestling to control her mysterious abilities and being tested to her limits. More elements of her powers are revealed as Tamsin has more surprises in store for us, we never know just what effect the Aztec bracelet will have on Scar next. It is this element and suspense of the unknown which keeps me turning the pages. Full of twists and turns you will find it incredibly difficult to put this book down as you become totally enthralled in the story. A fantastic, thrilling read I’m really hoping there will be more to come from The Scarlet Files.

Thank you to Tamsin and Oxford University Press for sending me a copy of this book.

You can read my review of the first book in the series The Scarlet Files Cat Burglar

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