Bee: Nature’s Tiny Miracle Britta Teckentrup & Patricia Hegarty


‘Bee: Nature’s Tiny Miracle’ is a glorious non-fiction picture book celebrating the life and importance of the bee, nature’s unsung hero. Stunningly illustrated by Britta Teckentrup and narrated by Patricia Hegarty this book is a joy to behold. As soon as you open the pages you are caught up in the life of the bee and swept along on this incredible journey, where we uncover the vital role they play.



Patricia Hegarty’s beautiful, lyrical narration carry us along on the wings of the bee to-ing and fro-ing, gathering nectar, harvesting flowers and creating the tiny miracle of life. Reading aloud it is soothing and gentle yet full of energy as the bee relentlessly carries on with its vital work.



You will become entranced by the lush, rich illustrations which burst with colour as the bee takes us on a voyage of discovery. The intricate hexagonal die-cuts invite the reader to peep through the pages to find out more and evoke the image of the bee’s hive where they must spread the message that the time for work is now here.



Britta Teckentrup has created a book of pure beauty, every page is a delightful as the next. I was completely enchanted by the creativity and magnificence of nature captured by these vivid spreads in a striking rainbow of colours. This is a truly wonderful book undoubtedly non-fiction at it’s very best, a total triumph.

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A huge thank you to Beth Ferguson and Little TIger for inviting me to join the Bee Blog Tour and sending me a copy of the book to review.

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