Holiday Ha Ha Ha – Jeremy Strong Guest Post

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‘Holiday Ha Ha Ha!’ is a hilarious anthology from Simon & Schuster featuring 8 stories from some of the funniest authors today. From amazing aliens and strange superheroes to fantastic forests and crazy creatures; from ghoulish ghost tours and tiresome traffic jams to super spies and terrible talent shows – you’ll be laughing all summer with these eight summer sillies!

Jeremy Strong contribution is the brilliant ‘The Woff’ about an alien who accidentally crash lands his space craft on to planet earth landing in the middle of the classroom, causing lots of chaos. My daughter was delighted to find out it featured a little girl called Evie as she adores Jeremy Strong’s books. I am delighted (and so is Evie) to welcome Jeremy to the blog today to share with us one of his funniest holiday memories.

When my son and daughter were young we would spend almost every summer holiday in France, travelling around with a trailer tent and two mini tents for the children (they always reminded me of kennels!) Of course the weather in France was better than the UK, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t rain. It did – and how! There was one spectacular occasion when it seemed the sky was about to burst apart. It quickly grew darker and more and more threatening as the gloom spread across the entire heavens. You could almost see the leaks beginning to appear. We had put up our tents and felt pretty safe and secure, even though other campers were rushing about roping down their caravans and generally taking emergency measures.

Meanwhile, a local village about two miles from the campsite was preparing for its annual fete. As evening approached the rain arrived with it and soon it was hammering down hailstones almost as big as golf balls. The noise was horrendous but quickly passed as the hail turned to a veritable avalanche of rain spears. Then the thunder arrived to join in the party and with the thunder came the lightning. Now the sky was boiling. Gigantic sheets of lightning lit up in every direction, the thunder sounded as if God’s palace was crashing down an endless staircase, the wind howled and water simply poured from one end of the sky to the other.

It was at this point that the little village fete decided to put on their firework display. A rocket went up – sizzle, splutter, a brief sparkle and it vanished into the murk. Then another rocket, and another. None of them seemed to get much further than three feet into the air. Meantime God’s own firework display was blinding the eyes and blasting the ears of every living creature in sight. Another tiddly rocket spluttered briefly and then gave up. I felt very sorry for the village and its fete but I couldn’t help laughing. The village fete fireworks v. God. You knew who would win all along but it didn’t stop the village from at least trying. Bless them! I laughed like the proverbial drain. And with all that water from the sky drains were very much in demand.

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong had a varied career path before becoming an author, his previous jobs included Head Teacher, Caretaker, Strawberry Picker and Jam Doughnut Stuffer! His first published book was Smith’s Tail in 1978. Jeremy lives in Kent.

You can find out more by visiting his website

Our Funny Holiday Memory


I asked my girls if they would like to share their funniest holiday memory and they both agreed it was the moment in the picture above. One of our favourite holiday spots is the lovely St.Ives home to extraordinarily huge and very greedy seagulls who love nothing better than trying to steal your ice cream or fish and chips. Determined to not miss out the girls smuggled their ice cream under their hoodies and hid under the table in a desperate attempt to thwart the seagulls attempts to snatch them. As you can see Evie is vey pleased with herself, whilst Freya is keeping a very close eye out not convinced she is safe from their evil ways. They watched in delight as unsuspecting diners where swooped upon screaming in shock and rage. After many years of watching our children bursting into tears over lost ice-creams we finally managed to evade them!

Blog Tour

In case you missed the rest of the blog tour you can still join in and read more fantastic guest posts from the other authors of the anthology.

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A huge thank you to Hannah Cooper and Simon & Schuster for inviting me to join the blog tour and for sending me a copy of the book.

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