Through the Mirror Door – Sarah Baker


‘Through the Mirror Door’ is an intriguing, beautiful debut from Sarah Baker. Angela has been living in foster care since a tragic accident and has failed miserably to settle in. Running out of chances her future seems bleak until her Aunt Cece turns up out of the blue and invites her to go on a family holiday. Despite the coldness of her Aunt and the meanness of her cousins Angela reluctantly agrees, feeling that this may be her only opportunity to be part of a real family again. But when they arrive at a crumbling French holiday home with forbidden rooms, Angela begins to suspect that everything is not quite at it seems. Haunted by night-time footsteps, and unknown shadows in windows she is drawn to a room and discovers Julien a boy who desperately needs her help. To save him she must overcome her own demons and finally face up to the truth of what happened on the tragic night that robbed her of her family.

This story is marvellously spooky and will keep you guessing to the very end as you try to unravel the secrets hidden within this mysterious house. It is full of the unexpected and managed to totally surprise me with the way the story unravelled. It does feel quite dark and tragic and I felt desperately sorry for Angela as she struggled to exist in a world where seemingly nobody wants her. But there is light and hope within the darkness, the friendship between Angela and Julien is genuinely extraordinary and endearing. They have the type of bond that can last through time united by incredibly sad and difficult circumstances. A compelling read which will keep you entranced as you delve into this world of shadows and secrets.

Sarah Baker


Sarah Baker has worked extensively in film as a story editor, with roles at Aardman Features, the Bermuda Film Festival and as Story Editor at Celador Films, and also a writer and blogger for vintage fashion magazines. Sarah currently lives in London with her family and two very fluffy cats. ‘Through the Mirror Door’ is her first novel.

You can find out more at or follow Sarah on Twitter @bysarahbaker

Thank you to Laura Smythe and Catnip for my copy of this fantastic book.

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