A celebration of fantastic Children’s Non- Fiction

I’m really excited to share with you on the blog today my round up of the very best of children’s non-fiction that I have recently discovered. As a school librarian I actively seek out information books that will engage and excite even the most reluctant of readers. All of these books are stuffed with amazing facts, sublimely illustrated and will prove to be irresistible to children looking for a truly entertaining and informative read.

A Pandemonium of Parrots and Other Animals – Hui Skipp & Kate Baker


‘A Pandemonium of Parrots and Other Animals’ is a wonderfully vibrant narrative information book  which will captivate and entertain children with its lively and witty illustrations. Introducing children to the concept of a collection of animals, they will discover the most strange and marvellous names. Turn the pages to discover a conspiracy of lemurs, a bouquet of hummingbirds and an ambush of tigers. A wonderful celebration of a variety of creatures from around the world it makes learning fun and accessible with simple facts and allows children the opportunity to find out more with the search and find games on every page. This stunning book is truly delightful and is bound to satisfy even the most inquisitive child.



Rebel Science – Dan Green & David Lyttleton


‘Rebel Science’ is a weirdly wonderful look at the world of science which tries to challenge the status quo that scientists are all dull, boring egg-heads who hang about in labs and don’t have any friends. Covering a huge spectrum of topics and their evolution over the ages, this book shows us that scientific world is filled with curiosity, discovery and disagreement.  Using dynamic illustrations and chunky text boxes to display it ensures children don’t become overwhelmed with the sometimes complex information. A comprehensive and engaging read, this will appeal to any budding scientist who demands a truly informative non-fiction book. I would recommend this as a definite must have for any KS2 school library.



The Big Book of Bugs – Yuval Zommer & Barbara Taylor


‘Just how slow does a snail go? Are bugs afraid of the dark? Why do ants march in a line?’ Find out the answers to all of these questions and many more inside the brilliantly, beautiful ‘The Big Book of Bugs’. A jam packed book containing an insight into the lives of all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies, it is the ultimate guide for young bug spotters eager to find out more about the tiny creatures all around us. Featuring the most exquisite and delicate illustrations this book is a joy to behold.  A real treasure of a read which will enchant and delight children and parents alike. We have spent hours poring over this glorious book exploring familiar and unknown mini beasts and searching the pages for the hidden fly so cleverly concealed to capture children’s attentions. I simply adore this book!



 Smart About Sharks – Owen Davey


Another gem from Flying Eye Books ‘Smart About Sharks’ takes us on a spellbinding journey into the habits and habitats of the shark family. ‘Did you know that sharks can detect electrical currents from other creatures? Or that some are covered in little tassels?’ Immerse yourself in this magnificent book and dive into the ocean to uncover an underwater world of wonder. This book reveals a multitude of fascinating facts to satisfy even the most savvy of shark fans. Owen Davey’s sublime illustrations are marvellously intricate and detailed offering a unique and beautiful exploration of this mighty fish. An in depth and insightful read, ideal for older children who are searching for a truly expansive study of sharks.



The Adventures of Earth – Dan Green & Sean Sims


Following on from the glorious ‘The Adventures of Water’ Red Shed have produced another interactive adventure inviting us to explore our wondrous planet in ‘The Adventures of Earth.’ Planet Earth has been around for billions of years and is part of our lives every day! But how did it form, how does it work and why do we need to look after it. A fascinating journey charting its many mysteries from the beginning of earth, delving into the core of our planet, taking a fresh look at our vast oceans and examining ways that we can protect our environment.  Sean Sim’s bold and vibrant illustrations are wonderfully engaging. Children will be totally engrossed in this brilliantly interactive format which encourages the child  to open flaps, pull tabs, turn wheels and open pop-ups, offering a real hands on approach to fully involve them in the learning process. Find out the sunniest place on earth, why our planet is like a jigsaw puzzle and many more mind boggling discoveries in this fabulous fact book.



Under Earth, Under Water – Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski


Discover the secrets of the underground and underwater world in the most glorious of information books ‘Under Earth, Under Water’ from the immensely talented duo that brought you the stunning ‘Maps’. Gradually dig your way towards the centre of the earth uncovering layers of delightful details displayed in detailed cross-sections and bold illustrations. On your way you will enter the world of the unknown that lies beneath the ground we walk on every day not realising the hive of activity that takes place underneath us as we live our lives. As we reach the fiery Earth’s core we cross into the very bottom of the world to one of the world’s most inaccessible places the ocean bed. We then enter the seas and oceans and meet the weird and wonderful creatures of the deep, diving further and further down exploring wrecks, test driving vintage submarines until we are plunged into cold and darkness. This book is a total triumph, an epic adventure which will make you see life in a totally different way. It will fill you with wonder and awe of our astonishing world which has a raft of hidden glories awaiting to  reveal themselves. Gloriously illustrated this is a book which will definitely capture your child’s imagination, an absolutely exceptional non-fiction future classic.



I hope you have enjoyed joining me on this wonderful non-fiction adventure. A huge thank you to Big Picture Press, Weldon Owen Publishing, Flying Eye Books and Red Shed for sending me copies of these books.

8 thoughts on “A celebration of fantastic Children’s Non- Fiction

  1. BookBairn

    What a fab selection! I think BookBairn would love a Pandamonium of Parrots. There is a real push on fantastic non-fiction at the moment which is great. I love that they are becoming more ‘arty’! I wish there was more non-fiction for really teeny readers beyond simple word primers. Maybe I need to get researching and writing?! Fab post as always Jo!


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