The Other Alice – Michelle Harrison


‘The Other Alice’ is a wonderfully imaginative tale full of magic, riddles and the unexpected from Michelle Harrison. When Midge’s sister Alice goes missing one day, it provokes a series of strange events. From a talking cat appearing in her bedroom to the mysterious appearance of a mute girl who looks just like Alice, Midge finds that things become more and more curious. Whilst searching for clues he discovers that Alice has written an incomplete story, knowing how this would have tormented her, he feels that there must be answers contained within those pages. He soon realises that Alice is in great danger as the story and its characters begin to take control. Can he find her before its too late and avert a more sinister finale?

This dark, bewitching adventure is sure to capture the imaginations of older readers. Full of twist and turns you will be left breathless by this dramatic pacey story and compelled to keep reading. As you become engrossed and captivated by this world where the characters leap off the pages into real life, you will never know which way it will take you. Full of twists and turns you’re continually being surprised as the story unfolds and the plot thickens. I loved how it explored the thoughts and processes that Alice uses as she creates her characters and structures her writing, it would be a perfect book for children who love to write their own stories. Michelle has created  a vivid and magical read which will enthral and excite readers.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of this book.

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