The Building Boy – Ross Montgomery & David Litchfield


‘The Building Boy’ is a picture book with such emotional depth and stunning illustrations that it literally made my heart sing. Ross Montgomery has crafted a beautiful bittersweet story accompanied by David Litchfield’s exquisite spreads bursting with warmth and emotion. Together they have created a masterpiece of a picture book which deserves to be treasured and shared.


The boy has the most wonderful relationship with his Grandma each night they sit in front of the fire while she shares stories about the most beautiful places she had built ‘but they would be nothing…compare to the house she would build for the boy.’ But Grandma was getting too old to do most things and one day she was gone and all the rooms feel empty without her presence, the boy feels lost. It was at this point I felt bereft, but this ultimately is not about loss, instead it is an uplifting tale about the power of love. Inspired by his Grandma’s magnificent buildings the boy has an idea and begins to build non stop until at last he brings his creation to life. We are then swept up in this wonderfully, whimsical adventure which takes us upon a journey across fields, through oceans, leaping over skyscrapers until at last the boy realises where he needs to be to feel complete again.



A stunning picture book debut from Ross Montgomery, allow yourself to be caught up in this truly magical tale and delight in David Litchfield’s glorious illustrations this really is the most extraordinary collaboration.

‘The Building Boy’ is released on the 1st September so not long to wait until you can get your hands on a copy.

You can find out more about Ross Montgomery on his website or follow him on Twitter @mossmontmorey

You can find out more about David Litchfield on his website or follow him on Twitter @dc_litchfield

Thank you to Ross Montgomery for sending me a copy of this book.

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