An enchanting debut Grace-Ella Spells for Beginners – Sharon Marie Jones & Adriana Puglisi

grace-ella-lowres final cover

I was thrilled when earlier this year I was asked to do a cover reveal for Sharon Marie Jones’s debut novel ‘Grace-Ella Spells for Beginners’ and even more excited when I got my hands on an early copy. Grace-Ella is thrilled when a black cat walks through their door. She’s always wanted a pet. But Mr Whiskins has a secret to share with Grace-Ella. On the ninth day of the ninth month of her ninth year, he tells her that she is a witch and can start learning magic with the Witches’ Council. Amazed at this astonishing news Grace-Ella who has never been good at school, wonders if she can she learn to be a good witch? As well as struggling with lessons, Grace-Ella and her best friend Fflur are bullied by star pupil Amelia and wish desperately that they could teach her a lesson. The Witches’ Council forbids using magic against anyone. But how else can Grace-Ella protect her friends?

I can’t tell you how much I love this enchanting debut from Sharon and Adriana. Grace-Ella managed to cast a spell over me with its marvellous characters and captivating storytelling. Grace-Ella is full of spirit and determination and is truly joyful at discovering her hidden talents, finally understanding why she never felt that she fitted in and embracing her differences. Her friends Fflur and Bedwyr are slightly out of the ordinary and this story reinforces to children the value of friendship and the importance of being true to yourself. Adriana’s illustrations are truly delightful, capturing perfectly the warmth and joy of this story. Totally irresistible, Sharon has created this spell-binding world filled with magic and mayhem, which is wonderfully appealing to younger readers. It’s full of fun and mischief rather than darkness and terror so an ideal introduction to mystical tales for children who may be aspiring to delve into the magical realm. I can’t wait to be taken on further adventures with Grace-Ella to find out what a witch’s life has in store for her.


Sharon Marie Jones

Sharon Marie Jones was born and raised in Dolgellau, in North Wales.
She studied English and Education at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and graduated with First Class Honours. After completing a P.G.C.E course, she began a career as a Primary School Teacher and taught at Pontrhydfendigaid Primary School for the last 13 years but is now a full time author. She’s a mum to three young boys. Grace-Ella is her first book.

To find out more about Sharon you can visit her blog or follow her on Twitter @sharonmariej

Adriana J Puglisi

Adriana was born in Argentina. She has lived in Granada in Spain since 1995 with her husband, son, daughter, two dogs, a guinea pig, a little bird, and several fish.
She has always drawn. When she decided on a career she chose architecture — she was wrong! Because she wanted tell stories. So she abandoned that, and began to study drawing humorous cartoons and caricatures in Buenos Aires. That’s where she found her strengths: the line, the design of characters and her humour. Adriana loves telling stories. As ideas often come at unexpected moments, she always keeps paper and pencils in her pockets, at home or in the car. She sometimes jots down a few words or a sketch, but usually both.


‘Grace-Ella Spells For Beginners’ is part of Firefly Press’s Dragonfly range for 7-10 year olds set in contemporary wales. To find out more you can visit their website.

Thank you to Firefly for sending my an early preview of ‘Grace-Ella Spells for Beginners.’

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